Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We have an awful lot of awesomeness coming your way Radio Heroes!
The picture above is my attempt at combining the Halloween theme of this month's blog posts with this Friday mornings Polka Til You Puke show. Clowns are CREEPY. We will be celebrating Octoberfest with two hours of polka tunes and our usual suspects, Ambrose on the concertina and #1 Polka Fan Maude. I can't wait for the oom pah pahs, and if you are saying to yourself "How can they play two hours of polka?!" then you really need to tune in. Polka music is party music, and you will start your day off grinning from ear to ear and doing the two step!

The last Grind-Fu Cinema of the season is coming up fast folks, and it is a double bill of fright not to be missed. Posters are up around town, and the cake has been ordered. To get you in the mood I have a couple of clips to share. If you caught the show this morning then you know that I am pretty sensitive to music. Crappy music can make me nauesous, and music from Suspiria makes me want to hide under the covers.
Turn the lights off, light a candle and turn this video up.

It's pretty spooky right? The music is just one part of Suspiria. The entire film is truly an overload of the senses - and I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT.

I am keeping this post a little short tonight because it's been a long work day that began at 4 a.m. with me running up to the station to pick out the crappy tunes we played on Shuffle Function to warn you of what could be. It is our pledge drive version of the "Scared Straight" project, and it worked. Thanks again for stepping up this morning and every morning of the pledge drive so far. We can always depend on you, Radio Hero!!

Before I hit the hay I want to share this creepy commercial I just saw on T.V. I love Halloween.


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