Saturday, October 09, 2010

Number 9.....Number 9......Number 9.......Number 9.......Turn Me On Dead Man.......Turn Me On Dead Man.......Turn Me On Dead Man

A few weeks back Shyboy Tim and I featured an interview with Joel Gilbert concerning his new film Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament Of George Harrison. Some believe that Paul McCartney lost his life in an auto accident in 1966. Tim and I explored these conspiracy theories and spun some backward messages believed to hold vital clues about whether or not Paul is Paul or his replacement William Campbell. It was so much fun that we decided to give it an additional two hours on Monday morning's Shuffle Function show! We will have more on that tomorrow on the blog.

Now time for some Halloween.


I came across this photo a few years back and have never forgotten it. Digging into the on-lines I discovered it is the product of two artists working in collaboration, Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. They have been working partners since 1994, and my favorite pieces in their repertoire include their panoramas (like the one above from the series Islands) and their snow globes (a series called Travelers). They are not ones to shy away from dark topics and dark thoughts, in fact this appears to be where they happily reside. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy these dark sensibilities. I am shocked by some of the content, but to me that is part of the attraction.

Meeting and Passing

A March Sky

The Well

Cold Front

I could get lost in these. For days.

They have a great web site that will allow you to explore more of their work. You can find it here. Recently I also came across the similar artist Slinkachu. His work involves building panoramas that he displays on the urban landscape. Here is one of my favorites -

Again, there is a lot more here to see - go to his blog to discover this amazing work! Here is video of an installation in action.

Have a great Saturday Shuffle Functioneers - and if you have not yet pledged to KMSU during the Fall Pledge Drive, please have a look at the swag posted below and do your part to support community radio on your radio dial!


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