Saturday, October 23, 2010

ONE WEEK TO GRIND-FU CINEMA !! Halloween Post #23

Just got off work and I'm sooooooooooo ready to put my feet up and relax, which brings me to my horrible groan worthy transition into my Halloween post. FLOATING FEET IN RUNNING SHOES.
Shyboy Tim and I started mentioning this story a few years back when it seemed a foot was literally popping up off the coast of British Columbia every other month. Beginning in 2007, nine feet have been found floating off the coast of Canada and northern Washington state. A few have been identified, and on two occasions even matched with another, making a pair. Each foot has been found floating inside a running shoe. This makes sense if you think about it, because many shoes float.
Authorities claim that each severed foot has occurred naturally through decomposition rather than being hacked off. There have been many theories tossed out there to try and explain what is going on - from airplane accidents to serial murders to organized crime. We may never know what is happening, but feet keep popping up. There is a great overview of this story here.

I have another link to share with you that Shyboy Tim brought to my attention. Frank Black, aka THE MAN has gone and done something amazing again, and you can see it here. He scored the silent film The Golem made by German expressionist Paul Wegener and shot by the man who later went on to shoot Metropolis. Frank Black performed this live in 2008 and is just now making it available on CD. Follow the link above and you can watch the movie in it's entirety. Having just experienced Metropolis on the big screen this summer, I know what I will be watching in between football games tomorrow.

One week until Grind-Fu Cinema cats and kittens. Time flies when you can't wait to get scared to death!!


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