Sunday, October 24, 2010


Grind-Fu Cinema is the night before Halloween, and we encourage everyone who might be game for it to attend in costume. I want to share some links for free costume ideas for you to consider. If you have a printer, you are golden!

There are dozens of links here at Super Punch.

Always wanted to be Jerry Fallwell for Halloween? Here you go!

For your classic monsters and Star Wars fix, check this sight out for 25 printable masks.

Felling really crafty? There is some amazing free papercraft ideas and downloads here, as well as ZOMBIE MASKS!

This sight makes me crave more free time to try out some of these projects.

There are skulls, skulls and more skull masks to be found here.

And last but not least, let's end with this mask download. If the Grind-Fu Cinema theater was filled with folks wearing this mask, I know that Scooter Polanski would be a happy camper!


OH WAIT - I wanted to give you a good old fashioned scare today too! I posted this awhile back, but it really should make it's way into the Halloween Countdown posts. This is scary. This really happened. And this will make you wish you were wearing adult diapers.

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