Monday, October 11, 2010

Shuffle Function Countdown to Halloween Blog Post #11

If you have known Tim for any length of time, or heard him wax poetic on the air about this subject, then you know that there is one movie that he holds near and dear to his heart, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (I shouldn't have to mention this, but just in case, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE REMAKE HERE!!! We will not stray past the year 1974 in regards to film in this blog post).

Just like Shooby Taylor's music, Tim's imitation of Franklin from this movie always manages to put a smile on my face and I giggle like a little girl. If I had a million-bajillion-dollars in the bank, I would buy all of us a ticket to Round Rock Texas where we would all attend the TEXAS CHAINSAW TOUR. This is really a movie geek's dream come true - an opportunity to walk around the hallowed ground of a film's set locations. To step on the very land that Leatherface and his family practiced their own special form of "family values".

Tim Harden would be our tour guide through the macabre locations of both the original film and the horrible horrible remakes. According to his website, he is the #1 resource for all things Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and his tours are jam packed with his insights and first hand accounts. Let's have a look at some of our stops along the tour.


I could do an entire blog post about this house. It was built in the early 1900's and has travelled the full circle from being a hub of activity and to complete abandonment and to it's new incarnation - a restaurant! Here is a great article I stumbled across that details the history of this historic home.

Can you imagine eating dinner in the very room that Leatherface hooked and filleted his prey? I can - it would be awesome! I'll take my steak bloody!! Here is the web address for the Junction House Restaurant. You can take your own virtual tour and pick out your table.

Our next stop is the Gas Station/BBQ Shack. It may or may not be open for business, but entering it would be at your own risk any way. Here is what it currently looks like. I don't see any puffs of smoke emanating from a smoker out back, so you may want to supply your own BBQ sammies.

Next stop is the Cemetery.

According to our tour guide, this is one of the few locations that has remained the same since 1974. I don't think he can promise to have a bunch of locals hanging around though! The tour concludes with a visit to the original location of the house used in the film. After years of abandonment the house was divided into seven parts, re-located, and reassembled into the restaurant pictured above. The original location, Quick Hill, is now primarily private property. Fortunately our tour guide will give us full access to run around and recreate the final film sequence.

That is pretty much it for the tour, but I did manage to find a bonus stop. Paul Partain, who played Franklin in the film, has been quoted as identifying the location of his mishap while trying to use an improvised trucker's friend. "The location was on the south side of Highwy 79 East of Round Rock just beyond a curve of a convenience store and before you get to the Georgetown Road." This would be another must stop!

How to end this post? I am not Oprah, and so I can't tell you to look under your chair for a ticket for the tour. Sorry. I think it would be best to let John Larroquette have the last word, don't you? Yes - the guy from Night Court! But I bet you already knew that didn't you Shuffle Functioneer?


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