Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swag Reminder!

October brings many things to the KMSU area: The changing leaves, the cooler temperatures, trick or treating, and endless begging for money on your favorite radio station. That's right! The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive is about to begin!

Starting Wednesday, October 6th, KMSU will begin asking you to chip in and help keep your favorite independent radio station on the air. Without your generous donations KMSU will be unable to continue broadcasting. Honestly, with the continued budget cuts up here on campus, it has never been more vital to show that KMSU's listeners believe in the station and are willing to help keep it alive and on the air. A successful pledge drive shows the university that we are a valuable part of the community, and that we are a source that people turn to on the radio dial.

Now, we realize that these are uncertain times. We are well aware of that, as the previous paragraph spelled out pretty boldly. We hope that you'll give whatever you can manage. As an incentive for giving, we also have thank-you gifts available at certain donation levels.


Mr. Specific returns with yet another collection of his favorite oddball recordings. This time around, he's decided to focus on one particular artist! Folks, this one is a doozy, and it's sure to deliver a smile. You will not regret adding this one to your collection!


Nora from The Dirty Birds (Saturdays @ 10) designed this Fall's shirt, and it's a looker. Add this puppy to your collection at the $50 dollar level. Sizes Small through XXL.


MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MUSIC GEEK BUCK! Pledge $65 and you'll get BOTH Finders Keepers 8 and the new KMSU t-shirt! SAVE TEN BUCKS! Or just give us the $10, too. We won't turn it down. But still...


October 9th would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday. In honor of this landmark, John's entire catalog has been digitally remastered from the original mixes. If you're like Shyboy Tim, you probably dropped all your wages on the big old Signature box, but for those of you that are more reasonable, there's this fantastic 4 CD collection that spotlights some of the greatest moments of John Lennon's solo career.

Spanning from Live in Toronto through Milk & Honey, John Lennon: Gimme Some Truth presents four themed CDs covering all sides of the man. Plus, it's gonna sound great. If you think a best of collection cuts it in your collection, you'd be wrong. The hits are here, but Gimme Some Truth goes far deeper, and it presents some of his most amazing album cuts, too.

As a Lennon nut and Beatles Geek, Shyboy Tim was pretty impressed with the songs chosen for this set, If that means anything. Pledge $100 to KMSU during the fall pledge drive, and you'll get this truly amazing collection of Lennon essentials.


BEST MUSIC GEEK VALUE! This premium gets you swag, keeps your favorite station alive, and lets you control the musical destiny of Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, AND THE WORLD! Yes, you get Finders Keepers 8, the new KMSU t-shirt, and you get to come on the Shuffle Function Morning Show and play whatever you want! You choose the music, and Shelley and Shyboy just press buttons and talk too much. PLUS, you also get a CD copy to prove to your friends that you were up at a ridiculous hour of the day! It's alot of fun, so consider this option!

REMEMBER! IF THE PLEDGE DRIVE KICKS ASS, WE CAN END IT EARLY! Please call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810, and give generously. We're not kidding around. Your generosity makes ALL the difference.

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