Monday, January 31, 2011


I have to admit that Winter Storm Carol Cleveland caught me completely by surprise. I knew that snow was in the forecast, but I had no idea that we would be dealing with ten inches of snow by the time all is said and done. As you may know, Shyboy Tim and I originally began naming Winter Storms after BBC Radio hosts that we loved. When we ran out of names, we switched to naming the storms after our favorite British comedians. We had a request for a female Winter Storm awhile back and immediately Carol Cleveland came to mind.
Her name may not be familiar, but if you have ever watched Monty Python, than you have seen her work. She is considered by many to be the unofficial seventh Python (Terry Gilliam is not pictured above), and was their female counterpart of choice. If you see a female on the screen, and it isn't a Python on drag, then it was probably Carol Cleveland!

and this next clip is for Shyboy

I could go on and on pasting videos of Carol Cleveland on the blog, but the best way to see her is to simply watch Monty Python's Flying Circus. It's snowing out there anyway, so why leave home? Be safe folks!


Saturday, January 29, 2011


JANUARY 24, 2011 (1684)
1. A Band Of Bees - these are the ghosts
2. The Fleshtones - right side of a good thing
3. The Beatles - day tripper (stereo)
4. Orange Juice - blue boy
5. Belle and Sebastian - to be myself completely
6. Leonard Cohen - famous blue raincoat
7. The New Standards - only love can break your heart
8. Elvis Costello - watching the detectives
9. Hortense Ellis - suspicious minds
10. The Monkees - Mary Mary
11. Robyn Hitchcock - kung fo fighting
12. Bunny Siegler - theme for five fingers of death
13. Loius Armstrong - skokian
14. Meryn Cadell - the sweater
15. Sly and The Family Stone - dance to the music
16. Wild Man Fischer - monkeys vs. donkeys

17. The Kinks - 20th century man
18. Dandy Warhols - bohemian like you
19. Decemberists - rox in the box
20. The Blank Tapes - I swa the satelite
21. Beck - girl

JANUARY 25, 2011 (1685)
1. Grandpaboy - I'm so lonesome I could cry
2. Hopewell - good good good desperation
3. Black Sabbath - air dance
4. Four Volts - heartworm (oh oh song)
5. Ray Charles - mess around
6. Joy Division - no love lost
7. Van Halen - running woth the devil
8. Bingo Gazingo - psycho

9. Deerhoof - super duper rescue heads
10. Matthew Dear - little people (black city)
11. Nilsson - without you
12. Nilsson - jump in the fire
13. Beastie Boys - gratitude
14. Gary Newman - cars
15. Bonzo Dog Band - the intro/ the outro

JANUARY 26, 2011 (1686)
1. The Hold Steady - lord, I'm discouraged
2. Galaxy 500 - flowers
3. Big Star - the ballad of el goodo
4. Vivian Girls - can't get over you
5. Morning After Girls - run for our lives
6. Parting Gifts - shine
7. Wilco - box full of letters
8. Badfinger - no matter what
9. Quintron - god of thunder
10. The Kinks - celluloid heroes
11. Half Japanese - penny in a fountain
12. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - love coms to me
13. David Byrne - angels
14. Frank Black and The Catholics - velvety
15. Paul Westerberg - dice behind the shades
16. John Cale - perfect
17. Young Fresh Fellows - I wonder what she's doing tonight
18. Wedding Present - red shoes by the drug store

JANUARY 27, 2011 (1687)
1. Jonathan Richman - true loves not nice
2. Leonard Cohen - I'm your man
3. Woods - blood dries darker
4. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - standing in a trashcan (thinking about you)
5. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - paralyzed
6. Glenn Cooper - sugar mamma
7. Velvet Underground - foggy notion
8. Eric Burdon and War - tobacco road
9. Beatles - dizzy miss lizzy (mono)
10. James Brown - get it together
11. The Heavy - that kind of man
12. Darwin Dees - dna
13. Fatback Band - King Tim III
14. Sonic Youth - teenage riot
15. Sands - listen to the sky
16. Butthole Surfers - sweat loaf

JANUARY 28, 2011 (1688)
1. Sloan - underwhelmed
2. Ben Folds Five - Alice Childress
3. The Byrds - you don't miss your water
4. Elvis Costello - I lost you
5. Supergrass - alright
6. The Dirtbombs - ode to a black man
7. Stooges - real cool time
8. Talking Heads - cities
9. LCD Soundsystem - dance yrself clean
10. Fucknights - poor boy do
11. Wanda Jackson - thunder on the mountain
12. Susan Christie - I love onions
13. 5,6,7,8's - green onions
14. Snake and Jets Amazing Bullit BAnd - 100 dollars
15. Atul Shah - toast popper
16. Stereolab - neon beanbag
17. Ryan Adams - death and rats
18. Morrissey - tomorrow
19. Chris Stamey Exprience - shapes of things
20. Guided By Voices - glad girls


JANUARY 17, 2011 (1679)
1. Langley Schools Music Project - desperado
2. Rolling Stones - sway
3. Black Moth Super Rainbow - twin of myself
4. Lazerbeak - salt and sea
5. Nina Simone - ooh child (Niccademus remix)
6. Yoko Ono w/Porcupine Trees - death of Samantha
7. Meat Puppets - rotten shame
8. Hold Steady - same kooks
9. A Frames - death train
10. Frances - tight rope
11. Rolling Stones - live with me
12. Orange Juice - rip it up
13. Apples In Stereo - play tough
14. Belle and Sebastian - the state I ma in
15. The Band w/Joni Mitchell - coyote
16. Decemberists - don't carry it all
17. Rolling Stones - dead flowers
18. The Black Hollies - don't be afraid to ask
19. Prince - delirious
20. Ciao! - shoes
21. LCD Soundsystem - yeah (the crass version)

JANUARY 18, 2011 (1680)
1. XTC - senses working overtime
2. Zombies - she does everything for me
3. Komeda - boogie woogie/rock n roll
4. Sterolab - ondioline
5. Decemberists - this is why we fight
6. Ben Folds - bruised
7. Imperial Teen - 1, 2
8. New Standards - rock n roll
9. A C Newman - on the table
10. The Fleshtones - I am what I am
11. The PArting Gifts - don't hurt me now
12. King Khan and The Shrines - (how can I keep you) out of harms way
13. The Kinks - Victoria
14. Big Star - I'm in love with a girl
15. The Shins - pressed in a book
16. Nico - these days
17. The Fall - no bulbs 3
18. LCD Soundsystem - movement
19. Husker Du - you can live at home

JANUARY 19, 2011 (1681)
1. Shirley Ellis - soul time
2. Darwin Dees - dna
3. Reverie Sound Review - an anniversary away
4. Josh Rouse - straight to hell
5. Wilco - I'm the man who loves you
6. Love LAnguage - lalita
7. Booty Olympics - down
8. Kenny Rogers and The First Edition - just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
9. Fruitbats - being on our own
10. Your 33 Black Angels - cannonball
11. The Flamingos - I only have eyes for you
12. Deerhoof - qui dorm, nomes somia
- behold a marvel in the darkness
- the merry barracks
- no one asked to dance
- let's dance the jet
- super duper rescue heads
- must fight current
- secret mobilization
- hey I can
- c'mon
- I did crimes for you
- almost everyone, almost always
13. Leslie Hall - zombie killer

14. P.I.L. - public image
15. Sondra Prill - behind closed doors

JANUARY 20, 2011 (1682)
1. The Soft Boys - underwater moonlight
2. Built To Spill - car
3. Flaming Lips - yeah yeah yeah song
4. Art Brut - my little brother
5. Everybody's In The French Resistance......Now! - Billie's gene
6. Friends Like This w/Craig Finn - 7th stret queen
7. Hot Rats - damaged goods
8. The Black Lips - oh Katrina
9. Harlem - friendly ghost
10. James Brown - give it up or turn it loose
11. Chevy Sings - gentle things
12. Bingo GAzingo - rock the rock
13. Igorr Boxx - fear of a red planet
14. Beck - gamma ray
15. Rolling Stones - no expectations
16. The Band - when I paint my masterpiece
17. The Decembersists - don't carry it all
18. Beach Boys - God only knows
19. The Happies - wahaka
20. Condo Fucks - with a girl like you

JANUARY 21, 2011 (1683)
1. Dondero Pop Concerts - all things considered
2. The Haunted - 1.2.5.
3. Parliment - testify
4. Madison - number one
5. Ed Harcourt - the birds will sing for us
6. Leaving Trains - dumb as a crayon
7. The Who - I'm the one
8. Ill Ease and The RAcket - here comes trouble (to the tune of pretty woman)
9. AC/DC - rocker
10. Replacements - Alex Chilton
11. Led Zeppelin - when the levee breaks
12. The Fleshtones - communication breakdown
13. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - cast iron apron
14. Husker Du - flip your wig
15. Only Ones - another girl another planet
16. Guitar Wolf - Fujiyama attack
17. Wall Of Voodoo - Mexican radio
18. The Suburbs - rattle my bones

Thursday, January 27, 2011


While going to college I made it a habit to watch David Letterman, and one of my favorite folks at that time was Chris Elliot. His dry and I hesitate to use this word, wacky, sense of humor made my sides split. He has done some work over the years, like Get A Life that has approached that comedic brilliance, but he has also swung and missed quite a bit. This morning while poking around the on-lines I found a story on a new show he has made for Adult Swim called Eagleheart. Word on the street is that this is a return to form. After watching the trailers, I have to admit that my hopes are running high for this. What do you think?

I am posting this during the show, and Shyboy Tim said "See if you can find a clip of him doing his Marlon Brando Banana Dance". I have one word for him - DONE and DONE!!

The show debuts February 3rd at midnight on Adult Swim. BE THERE or at least have a good excuse.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Goodbye Luddite!! Hello Technology!!

This week I finally got my crap together and got a speedy DSL connection for home. So today I have spent my time streaming movies and videos, something I could not do before without the content buffering every 3 seconds. If you are shaking your head in disbelief, I don't blame you. I will never go back to the "slow on-lines" (or whatever it's called).

With this speedy new found Internet power, the first thing I watched is a documentary on The Fleshtones called 'Pardon Us For Living, But The Graveyards Are Full'. Watching them play on the stage and hearing them tell their story has thrown some gasoline on my already burning bonfire of love for The Fleshtones. If you miss them too, if you can't wait until March 15th for the new album, then this will help. You can watch it on-line for free at the amazing documentary web site called SnagFilms. In fact just in the music section alone, you can watch a number of documentaries that Shyboy Tim and I have mentioned on the air. It's a cold weekend - I suggest you stay in grab a blanket and snacks and watch the following shows.



Did you know that you can also hear a new tune from The Fleshtones? It's called "Comin' Home Baby" and you can hear it here on their Yep Roc home. The new album hits the streets March 15th and is called BROOKLYN SOUND SOLUTION.


Whenever you hear us play a song about height, vans, yellow things, favorite dishes or Jimmy Carter, we are probably playing a song poem. This is a great documentary about a money making gimmick that lucky for us snagged (and continues to snag) thousands of aspiring music superstars. It also gives us a sneak peak into the artists responsible for singing and playing the finished product -like one of my favorites, Gene Marshall. Enjoy!!


On the surface this is a documentary about the love/hate affair between two bands, The Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. In reality it is all about Anton Newcombe of BJM. He is like an accident waiting to happen, and you can't take your eyes off of him. The music is great, and keep your eyes open for the Harry Dean Stanton cameo, but after Anton kicks his 3rd or4th person, don't tell me I didn't warn you.


I just shared a video clip in last week's play list for Klaus Nomi's "Cold Song". If you found yourself wanting more than go no further.


I had heard of the Flaming Lips and even liked some of their songs, but I fell in love with them after watching this documentary. If I had just a teeny tiny bit of the energy that Wayne Coyne has I would be a super woman! Their story inspires me and unless The Talking Heads reunite and play the State Fair, The Flaming Lips/Sonic Youth show will always be the best State Fair show ever!!

last but not least, HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT

Often copied, but never as good, this is where it all began. The year is 1986, but just have a look at the haircuts and the names on the t-shirts and you could probably guess that.

All right. I have to get back to the on-lines and see what else I can find. Enjoy the shows - especially The Fleshtones documentary.


Wow, I missed this episode!

I'm just spending my morning nosing around the on-lines and gulping down cups of coffee. Ran across this clip and just had to share it with you. I did watch this show occasionally, but I think the irony would have been lost on me at that age. In fact, I doubt I even knew who Patti Smith was yet!

While I am blowing people's minds, can you tell me who this is?

Do you need a clue? Is it Zoey Deschanel from The Happening? KNOPE.

stay warm folks!!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sorry for the late heads up, but tune in right now for DEERHOOF


Saturday, January 15, 2011


JANUARY 10, 2011 (1674)

Howlin' Wolf died on this day. Tim and I worked together at Barnes and Noble many years ago. I was a receiver so I worked in the backroom, where I could have a boombox playing. Now I didn't know Tim at that time, but he says that he first suspected I might be a music geek when he heard me playing Howlin' Wolf one day. I think he was right.
1. Papercuts - poor and free
2. Howlin' Wolf - you'll be mine
3. Elvis Costello - the crooked line
4. Polyphonic Spree - together we're heavy/we're running away
5. Hot Rats - queen bitch
6. Mary Timony Band - sharpshooter
7. Imperial Teen - do it better
8. Munkey Juice - cold, cold days
9. Pixies - winterlong
10. Bob Mould - days of rain
11. Howlin' Wolf - smokestack lightning
12. Negativeland - piece of pie?
13. Kinks - everybody's gonna be happy
14. Pixies - Cecelia Ann
15. Terry Reid - super lungs, my supergirl
16. The New Pornographers - twin cinema
17. Bob Dylan - most likely you go your way (and I'll go mine)
18. Howlin' Wolf - down in the bottom
19. The Remains - don't look back
20. Nouvelle Vague - love will tear us apart
21. Stereolab - french disco
22. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - out of reaches
23. Howlin' Wolf - moanin' at midnight

JANUARY 11, 2011 (1675)
1. Bingo Gazingo and My Robot FRiend - you're out of the computer
2. The Who - a legal matter
3. Nightmares For A Week - baby veins
4. Band Of Horses - Loredo
5. Nirvana - about a girl
6. Sly and The Family Stone - everybody is a star
7. Booker T - native New Yorker
8. Fleshlights - crush on you
9. David Bowie - changes
10. Headlights - TV
11. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - arms aloft
12. Prince - I could never take the place of your man
13. Klaus Nomi - cold song

14. Andy - muscle
15. Les Savy Fav - let's get out of here
16. The Specials - concrete jungle
17. Bob Dylan - like a rolling stone
18. Lou Reed - hangin' round
19. BackBeat Band - good golly Miss Molly
20. Fiery Furnaces - vrystal clear
21. Devo - through being cool

JANUARY 12, 2010 (1676)
1. Arcade Fire - no cars go
2. They Might BE Giants - a self called nowhere
3. Awkward Stage - the morons are winning
4. The Parting Gifts - staring
5. The Acid House Kings - do what you wanna do
6. Ill Ease and The Racket - here comes trouble (to the tune of pretty woman)
7. Tom Tom Club - genius of love
8. Apples In Stereo - can you feel it?
9. Bob Dylan - knockin' on heaven's door
I just watched Sam Pekinpah's film Pat Garret and Billy The Kid over the weekend. After seeing this scene with Slim Pickens, I just knew I had to play it. I found a clip of it on-line. Never mind that it is in Spanish - the bad guys are wearing black, and the rest needs no explanation.

10. Jim White - Christmas day
11. Blanket Music - you shouldn't have said that
12. The Minders - don't you stop
13. Happy Birthday - girls fm
14. T Rex - 20th century boy
15. Beatles - I got a feeling (stereo)
16. The Rutles - goose step mama
17. The Beastie Boys - intergalactic

JANUARY 13, 2011 (1677)
1. Talking Heads - once in a lifetime
2. Sufijan Stevens and Daniel Smith - worried shoes
3. Dungen - hogdalstoppen
4. Deadly Finns - girls on parole
5. John Cale - I keep a close watch
6. Nick Lowe - sound of breaking glass
7. Sara Jaffe - before you go
8. Big Joe Williams - don't you leave me here
9. Verve - bittersweet symphony
10. Rolling Stones - do do do do do heartbreaker
11. Laibach - sympathy for the devil
12. Dragstrip - don't fear the reaper
13. The Minus Five - dark hand of contagen
14. The Clash - clash city rocker
15. Guided By Voices - I'll replace you with machines
16. Yo La Tengo - Tom Courteny (accoustic)
17. Aretha Franklin - Niki Hoeky
18. Ella Fitzgerald - sunshine of your love
19. Mel Torme - sunshine superman
20. Mrs. Miller - a hard days night
21. Harry Belafonte - jump in the line (shake senora)

JANUARY 14, 2011 (1678)
1. Brian Jonestown Massacre - oh lord
2. Robert Pollard - lightshow
3. Twilight Singers - they ride
4. Beatles - Kansas City/hey hey hey (mono)
5. Little Richard - oh my soul
6. Tullycraft - secretly Minnesotan
7. They Might Be Giants - another first kiss
8. Vampire Weeknd - A Punk
9. Parson Redheads - sister
10. Ben Folds Five - where's summer b?
11. The Explorers Club - forever
12. Legendary Stardust Cowboy - who's knockin' on my door?
13. Bjork - venus as a boy
14. Sonic Youth - turquoise boy
15. Parallax Project - do ya
16. B52's - planet Claire
17. Eux Autres - under rays
18. Camper Van Beethoven - pictures of matchstick men
19. Urban Legends - the world is strange
20. Wilco - walken
21. The Cure - in between days


JANUARY 3, 2011 (1669)
1. Chuck Berry - little queenie
2. Velvet Underground - I can't stand it
3. Jeremy Jay - just dial my number
4. Little Walter - my babe
5. The Clash - Rudie can't fail
6. Husker Du - actual condition
7. Claps - lost
8. The Checks - rebel
9. Let's Wrestle - we are the men you'll grow to love soon
10. Gram Parsons - return of the grevious angel
11. Yo La Tengo - private doberman
12. Love - always see your face
13. Red On Green - gravity talks
14. Red Kross - saragon
15. Vivian Girls - can't get over you
16. Eux Autres - under rays
17. The Minders - don't you stop
18. Wire - map ref 41 degrees N 93 degrees W
19. Masters Of The Hemisphere - better things
20. Black Francis - Corrina
21. Walker Kong - Belmont, 1973
22. The Jam - that's entertainment (demo)
23. Devo - jerkin back and forth
24. Deerhoof - Buck and Judy
25. No Age - life prowler
26. Apostle Of Hustle w/The Huskys - 24 robbers

JANUARY 4, 2010 (1670)
1. Red Pens - weekdays
2. Sonic Youth - antenna
3. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - cycles
4. The Sea and Cake - exact to me
5. talking Heads - I'm not in love
6. The Sisterhood - Christmas treat, peppermint
7. Francois Hardy w/Faultline, Brian Molko - requiem por un con
8. Moussa Doumbia - keleya
9. The Fuck Knights - poor boy do
10. Titania - outdoor miner
11. NoBunny - ain't it a shame
12. Sleater Kiney - rollercoaster
13. Devo - pink pussycat
14. The Spectors - oh how to do now
15. R.E.M. - don't go back to Rockville
16. Richard Hell and The Voidoids - party in the U.S.A.
17. Jonathan Richman - party in the U.S.A.
18. Husker Du - charity, chastity, prudence and hope
19. MC5 - skunk (sonically speaking)

JANUARY 5, 2011 (1671)
1. Yoko Ono - Mildred Mildred
2. Parting Gifts - staring
3. Red River - when we are wild
4. Television - Venus
5. Soul Inc. - you better get a move on
6. Barb - alcoholic darling
7. Ween - freedom 76'
8. Sleeping In The Aviary - you don't have to drive
9. Mighty Lemondrops - my biggest thrill
10. Loosing Streaks - leavin' here
11. Nick Drake - Saturday sun
12. Heavenly States - lost in the light
13. Generation X - kiss me deadly
14. Dan Sartain - Bohemian Grove
15. The Velvettes - he was really saying something
16. Herman Dunne - on a Saturday
17. Jesus and The Mary Chain - just like honey
18. Faux Jean - g a -go-go
19. Stooges - I wanna be your dog
20. Rumble Strips - time
21. Grant Hart - now that you know me

JANUARY 6, 2011 (1672)
1. Apples In Stereo - go
2. Latvian Radio - everything means nothing anymore
3. Big Star - she's a mover
4. Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne
5. Sonics - the witch
6. George Washington and The Cherry Bombs - crisco party
7. Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - keep on looking
8. Flat Duo Jets - I've been loving you too long
9. AC/DC - rocker
10. Little Richard - long tall Sally
11. The Parting Gifts - don't hurt me now
12. Jerry Lee Lewis - break up
13. The Low Frequency In Stereo - big city lights
14. Syd Barrett - gigolo aunt
15. Guitar Wolf - I love you ok
16. AC/DC - whole lotta Rosie
17. Howlin' Wolf - wang dang doodle
18. Half Japanese - red dress
19. Komeda - it's alright, baby
20. John Lennon - #9 dream
21. Ben Kweller - falling

JANUARY 7, 2011 (1673) It's all ELVIS PRESLEY for his birthday on January 8th

it is all Elvis unless noted
1. Gena Val - the legend of Elvis Presley
2. too much
3. suspicious minds
4. Jim Ward - Elvis was the biggest thing
5. He's your Uncle not your Dad
6. can't help falling in love
7. Marie's the latest flame
8. that's all right
9. what'd I say
10. Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
11. Barry Tiffin - candy bars for Elvis
12. blue suede shoes
13. guitar man
14. yoga is as yoga does
15. Jim Ward - please take care of him
16. clam bake
17. hound dog
18. Francis C Jenkins - Elvis
19. love me tender
20. you're so square baby I don't care
21. burnin' love
22. love me
23. mystery train
24. fever
25. loved on look
26. my happiness

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just so you know.............

We had some technical difficulties with last week's 6 p.m. Shuffle Function show, and so the show we taped for last week is airing tonight. So when you hear me ask for your Elvis requests to play on tomorrow morning's show, please ignore it. That was soooooooooo last week.

While I'm here, I thought I'd pass along something to all the movie geeks out there. If you listen to the show, then you know that I am in the middle of a love affair with films of the 70's. I have been watching a ton of films for the last 4 months or so, and revisiting some favorites, and I have seen the following name pop up over and over again, Vilmos Zsigmond. Now if that name doesn't ring any bells, I don't blame you. He isn't an actor, and he isn't a director, but his footprints can be seen all over some of the best films to come out of that decade. Zsigmond is a cinematographer who came to the United States from Hungary in the late 50's.

Zsigmond continues to work in Hollywood, but just look at the work he did in the 1970's!

McCabe and Mrs. Miller


The Long Goodbye


Sugarland Express

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Heaven's Gate

and a little film called THE DEER HUNTER !!!

What an eye this guy has. If you are looking for something to do for the weekend, add these films to your netflix list, or hit up your video store (do these things still exist?). OH! If you watch Heaven's Gate, keep your eyes open for T-Bone Burnett, drummer for The Legendary Stardust Cowboy on his first recorded songs Paralyzed and Who's Knockin' On My Door (and producer extraordinaire). He is a member of the band, along with Jerry McGee of The Ventures, Stephen Bruton who played guitar with Kris Kristofferson, David Mansfield (violinist) who co-founded Bruce Hornsby and The Range, and Sean Hopper who became the keyboardist for Huey Lewis and The News.


OH HOLY CRAP - GRIND-FU CINEMA FANS - Vilmos Zsigmond also was the director of photography for The Sadist!! Do you remember this creepy Arch Hall flick? Need a reminder? Here you go -

Saturday, January 08, 2011


I got an iPad for Christmas, and it's been a blast. For the most part, I tend to use my computers for practical stuff, like radio work and graphics, so I've been trying to find some practical apps for it. I haven't had much success so far in the practical department, but I have found an app that I've been using relentlessly since I purchased it: Comic Zeal. It's a very intuitive app, so if you play around with it you can figure it out without problem. It reads comic books in the .cbr, .cbz, .rar, and .pdf formats, so it is pretty flexible. Right now it appears to only be available for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, though.

For the last few weeks I've been pretty much using this high tech gadget for reading comic books. I've loved comic books my whole life, but my main area of interest has been in Golden Age comic books. This is a period ranging approximately from the late 30s to the early 50s, when comic books were insanely popular and the industry boomed. Comic books were so popular during this period, that the US Goverment even held hearings to determine whether or not they were responsible for fueling juvenile delinquency, much like rock music and video games are today.

My favorite publisher during this period was EC, or Entertaining Comics, which was run by William Gaines. EC built its reputation on great art and lurid content, and featured titles like Tales From The Crypt, Vault of Horror, Crime SuspenStories, and the original Mad Magazine. The stories were often shockingly grisly, even by today's standards, and were told with art that is still influencing the industry today. EC became the poster boy for the villification of the comic book industry, and was singled out during the government hearings on comic book influence. Eventually Gaines shut down all the comics EC put out, with the exception of Mad, which continues to be published. The impact of EC can still be found in movies, books, and comics today.

EC Comics aren't readily available in a digital format, but you can still find loads of comics out their for your various digital devices. DC and Marvel have them available through their websites, as do a number of other comic book publishers. However, I'm a Golden Age guy, so the place that I go to is Digital Comic Museum, an online resource filled with hundreds of public domain Golden Age titles. This means THEY ARE FREE, and that's not a bad thing.

Will you be able to find Superman, Batman, Tales From The Crypt, or Mad there? No. You will, however, find loads of attempts by smaller publishers to cash in on the popularity of those titles. There's lots of forgotten humor, crime, horror, and superhero titles to be found here. Some are good, some are bad, but at the very least you're gonna have fun nosing around.

I've tried a few comic readers on my laptop computer, but none have made me as happy as Comic Zeal has. However, there are a few free Windows and Mac readers suggested by Digital Comic Museum.

Windows: pixelComic, CBViewer

Mac: Comic Book Viewer, Jomic



Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Saturday is Elvis Presley's birthday, which means we have no choice but to dedicate Friday's Shuffle Function morning show to The King. Two hours of Elvis is just scratching the surface, but we will do the best we can. As always we will be taking your requests. You can start sending them our way at or call us during the show at 389 - 5678 or if you are out and about, call us at 1-800-456-7810. We don't pretend to have every record that Elvis released, but we have quite a bit. If it is an obscure request (that means you Joey T.!!) a heads up is always a good thing.


Monday, January 03, 2011


DECEMBER 27, 2010 (1664)
1. Mel Smith - pretty plaid skirt
2. Pere e Ubu - final solution
3. Darker My Love - a lovely game
4. Big Star - watch the sunrise
5. The Rebel Set - martian
6. Salt N Peppa vs. Stooges - no fun pushin it
7. Lawrence Arabia - look like a fool
8. Rolling Stones - I got the blues
9. Beth Orton - Carmella (Four Tet remix)
10. Replacements - answering machine
11. Phyllis Diller and Jim Backus - delicious
12. Mulatu Astatke - yekermo sew
13. Harry Merry - the appetite gets satisfied every bite
14. The Who - a quick one (while he's away)
15. Little Eva - the locomotion
16. Soundhog - a day in Tracy's life
17. Velvet Underground - european son
18. Kinks - witting in my hotel
19. John Lee Hooker - boom boom
20. Kinks - supersonic rocketship
21. First Gear - a certain girl

DECEMBER 28, 2010 (1665)
1. Flaming Lips - race for the prize
2. Paper Tiger w/Dessa - and the camera
3. Roky Erickson - starry eyes
4. Dondero Acapella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments - missing the war
5. Floored by Four - watt
6. Devo - fresh
7. Fuck Knights - poor boy do
8. LCD Soundsystem - loosing my edge
9. Rolling Stones - happy
10. Tiny Tim and The Brave Combo - stairway to heaven
11. Fleshtones - feels good to feel
12. Beatles - I'm down (stereo)
13. The Rapture - heaven
14. Latvian Radio - seven layers of self defense
15. Sam The Drummer - little red rhumbahood/S.S. Rhythm
16. Prince - forever in my life
17. MC Frontalot - scaregoat
18. Derhoof - basketball get your groove back
19. Big Audio Dynamite - medicine show
20. Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - gunpowder
21. Exene Cerveka - trojan horse
22. Beach Boys - baby blue eyes
23. Magnetic Fields - papa was a rodeo
24. Revolution 409 - crazy horses
25. English Beat - mirror in the bathroom
26. Beatifics - almost something there
27. Ron Thompson and The Broughams - switchblade

DECEMBER 29, 2010 (1666) Marianne Faithful's Birthday
1. Belle and Sebastian - I want the world to stop
2. Talking Heads - nothing but flowers
3. Marianne Faithful - the crane wife 3
4. Beat Happening - knick knack
5. Feelies - real cool time
6. The Cure - in between days
7. Karen O and The Million Dollar Bashers - hwy 61 revisited
8. Frank Black and The Catjolics - six sixty six
9. Marianne Faithful - last song
10. Gray Goods - weak link
11. dB's - black and white
12. Kelley Stoltz - rock and roll with me
13. Marianne Faithful - down from Dover
14. Dondero Accapella Choir and Pop Concert Instruments - shock the monkey
15. Replacements - achin' to be

DECEMBER 30, 2010 (1667)
1. Monkees - what am I doin' hanging 'round
2. Bo Diddley - powerhouse
3. The Thermals - only for you
4. Frankie Rose and the Outs - candy
5. Joy Division - control
6. Paul Westerberg - make your own kind of music
7. Fleshtones - communication breakdown
8. Bostweeds - faster pussycat! kill! kill!
9. Bo Diddley - who do you love?
10. Echo and The Bunnymen - rescue
11. Patti Smith - Gloria
12. Rolling Stones - sway
13. Lou Reed - real good time together
14. Nico - heroes
15. Monkees - last train to Clarksville
16. Shonnen Knife - daydream believer
17. Jett Powers - go girl go
18. Stark Effect - eeples and beeneenies
19. Bo Diddley - road runner
20. The Trashmen - surfin' bird
21. Stooges - shake appeal
22. Ramones - beat on the brat


It's all Paul Westerberg unless noted:
1. world class fad
2. love untold
3. Replacements - bent out of shape
4. Replacements - kiss me on the bus
5. Grandpaboy - hot 'un
6. we may be the ones
7. Replacements - buckhill
8. Replacements - I can't hardly wait
9. Replacements - merry go round
10. lookin' out forever
11. Replacements - unsatisfied
12. Replacements - black diamond
13. Replacements - little mascara
14. Paul and Joan Jett - let's do it
15. Replacements - Alex Chilton
16. Replacements - bastards of young
17. knockin' on mine
18. Replacements - I'll be you
19. even here we are
20. Replacements - talent show


DECEMBER 20, 2010 (1660)
1. The Crystals - Santa Claus is coming to town
2. Captain Beefheart - moonlight on Vermont
3. Poison Control Center - after the holiday
4. Troy Hess - Christmas on the moon
5. Fucknights - baby get lost
6. Ramones - Sheena is a punk rocker
7. Jimi Hendrix - hear my freedom
8. Captain Beefheart - gimme dat harp boy
9. Kinks - Father Christmas
10. Retribution Gospel Choir - easy prey
11. Warren Zevon - porcelain monkey
12. Captain Beefheart - bat chain puller
13. Sonic Youth - touch me I'm sick
14. Elvis Presley - blue Christmas
15. Senor Tonto - hooray for Santa Claus
16. Captain Beefheart - when big Joan sets up
17. Sex Pistols - did u no wrong
18. The Shaggs - Shaggs own thing

DECEMBER 21, 2010 (1661)
1. Burl Ives - holly jolly Christmas
2. Twilight Singers - teenage wristband
3. They Might Be Giants - s-e-x-x-y
4. Ben Folds Five - Jackson cannery
5. Brady Bunch - o holy night
6. Brady Bunch - Frosty the snowman
7. Bjork - it's oh so quiet
8. Rverend Glen Armstrong - even Squeaky Fromme loves Christmas
9. Beck - devil's haircut
10. 3 Wisemen (XTC) - thanks for Christmas
11. Talking Heads - found a job
12. Wesley Willis - Merry Christmas
13. Feelies - fa ce la
14. Gene Marshall - Evelyn Christmas
15. Elvis Presley - Santa bring my baby back to me
16. Breeders - divine hammer
17. Frank Zappa - San Berdino
18. Frank Zappa - Andy

1. Beatles - she said she said (stereo)
2. Max Frost and The Troopers - teh shape of things to come
3. Red Sheppard and The Flock - she's a grabber
4. Rolling Stones - down the road a piece
5. Downliners Sect - Glendora
6. The Mickey Finn - garden of my mind
7. It's A Beautiful Day - wasted union blues
8. John Lennon w/Plastic Ono Band - happy xmas (war is over)
9. Highway - days go by
10. Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney - eat at home
11. Big Brother and The Holding Company - I'm a catepillar
12. Stooges - 1969
13. George Harrison - isn't it a pity
14. Jefferson Airplane - DC BA 25
15. Leisure Society - something
16. Pink Floyd - see Emily play
17. Edwyn Collins - a girl like you
18. Ray Anthony - Christmas trumpets
19. Smithereens - behind the wall of sleep
20. Rolling Stones - dead flowers
21. Ben Folds - Saskia Hamilton
22. Beatles - I got a feelig
23. Traveling Wilburys - rattled
24. The Litter - action woman

DECEMBER 23, 2010 (1663)
1. Thurl Ravensourt - Santa's too fat for the hula hoop
2. Matt Pond Pa - holiday road
3. Sufjan Stevens - c'mon let's dance let's boogie to the elf dance
4. Michael McDonald - what Christmas means to me
5. The Goons - I'm walking backwards for Christmas
6. Tim Dinkins - a little boy's letter
7. Rockin' Rhodes - Santa loves rock n roll music
8. Elvis Presley - here comes Santa Claus
9. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - daddy's drinking up our Christmas
10. Twin Peaks - parody - 12 days of Christmas
11. Staples Singers - who took the merry out of Christmas
12. William Shatner - 12 days of Christmas
13. Troy Hess - Christmas on the moon
14. Divide and Kreate - jingle Jane
15. James Brown - Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto
16. Spinal Tap - Christmas with the devil
17. Ed Shepp - teh story of Christmas
18. Band Aid - do they know it's Christmas?
19. Michael McDonald - white Christmas
20. Yo La Tengo - rock n roll Santa
21. Fleshtones - hooray for Santa Claus

DECEMBER 24, 2010
we had to take the day off, so we broadcasted some Shuffle Function archival footage of our interviews with the mystery record band, Haze. You can read more about this great group here.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pictures for Radio

On Friday mornings show we unveiled the new 2011 calender for the on-air room. It is a fine ironic line we follow for picking and choosing the calenders. Last year we just waited too long to find one, and lost the opportunity. This year we finally had our act together - and so we are honored and pleased as punch to introduce you to our new GOATS IN TREES 2011 Calender.

This is not a gag - goats really do love trees apparently! This calender series has been around for over a decade! As we all know, in the radio world seeing is believing.

Here is the goat climbing proof:

Friday morning I also shared my desire to start a Mastermind board game club. If you grew up in the 70's, like I did you probably had this game. Mastermind is a game that involves tweeking the logical portion of your brain (and lots of luck), and sported an amazing James Bondish themed board cover.

It's my belief that members of the Mastermind club dress similar to the folks above, or at the least have a pipe, beret and wear a dickie. I started snooping around the on-lines for photos of the Mastermind board game, and was incredibly disappointed to see that they have dropped the classic cover photo and gone to a lame ass board game design involving flying pegs. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???!!!! It is so lame I don't even want to sully the pages of our blog with it's photo. Apparently I now have to tackle fixing the entire board gaming institution as well as Hollywood's lack of imagination this year. Phew, my plate just got very very full.

Last but not least, Shyboy Tim got a new iPad for the holidays. He is now on the hunt for interesting, utilitarian apps to download. Do you have some suggestions? You can email us at or leave a note in the comments section. All right - I have to get back to the IFC Larry Sanders marathon. Happy New Years Shuffle Functioneers!!