Saturday, January 01, 2011

Pictures for Radio

On Friday mornings show we unveiled the new 2011 calender for the on-air room. It is a fine ironic line we follow for picking and choosing the calenders. Last year we just waited too long to find one, and lost the opportunity. This year we finally had our act together - and so we are honored and pleased as punch to introduce you to our new GOATS IN TREES 2011 Calender.

This is not a gag - goats really do love trees apparently! This calender series has been around for over a decade! As we all know, in the radio world seeing is believing.

Here is the goat climbing proof:

Friday morning I also shared my desire to start a Mastermind board game club. If you grew up in the 70's, like I did you probably had this game. Mastermind is a game that involves tweeking the logical portion of your brain (and lots of luck), and sported an amazing James Bondish themed board cover.

It's my belief that members of the Mastermind club dress similar to the folks above, or at the least have a pipe, beret and wear a dickie. I started snooping around the on-lines for photos of the Mastermind board game, and was incredibly disappointed to see that they have dropped the classic cover photo and gone to a lame ass board game design involving flying pegs. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING???!!!! It is so lame I don't even want to sully the pages of our blog with it's photo. Apparently I now have to tackle fixing the entire board gaming institution as well as Hollywood's lack of imagination this year. Phew, my plate just got very very full.

Last but not least, Shyboy Tim got a new iPad for the holidays. He is now on the hunt for interesting, utilitarian apps to download. Do you have some suggestions? You can email us at or leave a note in the comments section. All right - I have to get back to the IFC Larry Sanders marathon. Happy New Years Shuffle Functioneers!!


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