Friday, April 15, 2011


It's days like this that serve as a profound reminder of why it's so amazing to be a part of KMSU. This morning, between six and eight a.m., WE RAISED THE FINAL $1500 NEEDED FOR THE ENTIRE PLEDGE DRIVE! Thank you! We never doubted your generosity, your belief in this station, or your keen fashion sense.

We spent this morning playing our favorite outsider musicians, which is something we've been doing since our first show ten years ago, and you guys really stepped up in response. You know that there is no other station in this area where you can hear people like Shooby Taylor, Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Wildman Fischer, and so many more that you REQUEST on a regular basis. It's a real source of pride that KMSU listeners appreciate these underdogs of music.

Thanks again, Radio Heroes. You are the best listeners in the world.

There's just one more thing on the pledge drive related agenda you guys might want to check out. This Saturday night, from 11 to Midnight, The Five Count is offering up four pairs of tickets to the upcoming Pixies show in the cities. Be one of the first four to pledge $100 or more during this show and you can get them! If you have never seen the Pixies before, then this is your chance. They put on an amazing show.

UPDATE: It gets even cooler with the Pixies tickets! Since the pledge drive ended early, The Five Count is now GIVING THEM AWAY! Listen for how you can win Saturday night from 11 to midnight on KMSU 89.7/KMSK 91.3 or GOOD LUCK!

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