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THE 2011 KMSU SPRING PLEDGE DRIVE IS UNDERWAY! We come to you twice a year and pray that you will look into your hearts and pocketbooks and do what you can to help keep KMSU on the air. Your generosity makes all the difference, and in these uncertain time it becomes more and more important.

KMSU is an independent radio station. Since we are a publicly supported station we don't run any commercial advertising. Advertisers would certainly help our revenue stream, but the fact that we don't have advertising means we don't have half of every hour filled with screaming commercials. Instead, we provide you with quality local and syndicated programming that you won't find anywhere else on your radio dial.

One major way that KMSU is funded is through underwriting. Our underwriters, many of whom are local mom and pop independent business people, know the importance of non-corporate voices in this day and age. Pay close attention when you hear the underwriting spots. They are for businesses that deserve as much support as they give us, and we are incredibly fortunate to have a relationship with them.

A second source of important operating funds comes from grants. These grants provide us with the money that allows us to keep the transmitter tuned up and replace gear that breaks down, as well as allow us to perform vital upgrades to our operation. Unfortunately, grants such as these are being targeted for cuts as states and organizations look for ways to balance the books in this crazed economic climate. We have received news that one of these grants that we've relied for equipment funding has been cut, leaving us more vulnerable than usual. It is our hope that we don't have to deal with further cuts, because the situation is already verging on critical.

This is where a third important source of funding becomes even more important: YOU. KMSU listeners like you are the lifeblood of the station. Simply put, this is community radio and you are our community. We hope that you view us as your voice on the airwaves in a time when true community voices are vanishing from the media landscape.

Your pledges during our drives serve two vital purposes. The first is that they provide us with funding that we desperately need to continue serving Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and the World via the interwebs. The second is that every pledge acts as a vote of confidence for our station, and it lets Minnesota State University, Mankato, see what a valued part of the campus and community KMSU is.

We love doing Pledge Drives on our show, because we love the feedback and we love doing whatever we can to keep this station that we believe in going. One of the frustrating things about pledge pitching, however, is knowing just how precarious the station's financial situation can get, and with the loss of that equipment grant we're seeing the most desperate situation since we were very nearly shut down about seven years ago. In these past seven years we feel that KMSU has only gotten better, and it is exciting seeing the potential that it has to grow and prosper, but that evolution is in serious danger.

To quote Princess Leia (again): This is our most desperate hour.

One thing you should know about KMSU is that every single pledge makes a difference. Ten bucks to ten million bucks, it all goes to the same place and serves the same purpose. Incidentally, if you are looking to give ten million dollars to a worthy cause, call 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 and let us convince you that KMSU is the place to park that pile of cash.

As always, we have lots of cool swag to offer you. Also...


And now... THE SWAG!

$25 - CRYPT OF UNDERGROUND NEANTHROPIC TELEVISION 4 DVD!Every Spring we arrive at the station and find a small paper bag waiting in our mailbox from Mr. Specific. He spends his year collecting and compiling oddball eye candy for our viewing pleasure, and this year's DVD is among his oddest. Add this fourth installment of the Crypt series to your weird cinema collection today!


It is really hard to believe that we've been at it for ten years. Even after all this time it's still the most fun either of us have had, and for some insane reason the two hours we spend every weekday morning on the show are usually the best two hours of our day. For our tenth anniversary we've done a redesign of our very first t-shirt, which went out of print instantly has been unavailable since the very first 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go nine years ago. It has been our most requested shirt, and we hope that you like it so much that you can't possibly live without it. The color appears kind of gray in this image, but in reality it's more of a sandy beige. With the black and white of the silkscreen image it turned out pretty striking, so pledge now and specify size!

Available in small, medium, large, extra large, and XXL.


SPECIAL MUSIC GEEK VALUE PACK! When you pledge $65 you will get the new Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television DVD, as well as the Shuffle Function 10th Anniversary shirt, plus you save yourself ten bucks! Don't forget that the DVD can be used as a coaster and the shirt can be used as a rag. SO MANY OPTIONS! SO MUCH VALUE!


KMSU is one of only a few stations that carries World Cafe with David Dye, and when you pledge to get the World Cafe CD you help ensure that we can continue offering this amazing program to you. Each year there is a new collection of unique in-studio performances available from some of today's top artists, so be sure to pick up the new CD. Fans of Echoes can also pick up a new CD from Featured echoes artists.


This set is completely unbelievable. Four CDs of some of the rarest and funkiest tracks around, all packaged in the kind of gorgeous set that only Rhino Records can compile. There are over 80 tracks, all of which are explored in the extensive booklet filled with a treasure trove of information.

The music has been compiled from the archives of Atlantic, Atco & Warner Bros. Records, as well as from numerous small regional labels. It would cost tens of thousands of dollars to collect the original releases in this set, so you are cutting loads of time and money out of the equation by picking this up. You'll find lots of familiar names (Aretha Franklin, Charles Wright, The Barkays) but you'll also find even more names that you've never come across. Better yet, you've probably never heard the vast majority of these tracks, and take it from us... these tracks KILL. The reaction from other KMSU hosts when they found out the station was offering this was the kind of excitement that only music geeks can summon.

Trust us. This set will cause the danceless to dance, the funkless to funk, and give soul to the soulless.


BEST SHUFFLE FUNCTION VALUE! If you want to make the most of your pledge drive dollar, then you gotta go for this one. As Program Director For The Day you get to join us on the Shuffle Function Morning Show and control the musical destiny of Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and THE WORLD! You control the playlist, we just push buttons and talk too much. PLUS you get the brand new Shuffle Function Tenth Anniversary shirt, PLUS you get the new Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television 4 DVD, PLUS you get a CD copy of your two hours of radio magic to prove that you were actually up at an insane hour of the day.


When you become a day sponsor on KMSU you get to have a day of programming dedicated to you. This could be something as simple as a message being read through the day in honor of a special even or person, or it could be a more elaborate tribute to a musician, like when we've done day long tributes to Bob Dylan or John Lennon. Come up with an idea and we'll see if we can swing it. You support the station and you get to dedicate the day. Pretty sweet.

The pledge drive is now going on! The phone numbers are 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810 to call and pledge, or you can go to and click the donate button. Just fill out the quick online form, select your swag and you're done!

You can be billed or you can put it on a credit card today. You can make payments. Basically, we want to make this as easy as we can for you, because without you we don't exist.

Thanks a ton, you guys. You are all radio heroes.

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