Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tim and I exchange birthday gifts (a month early)

If you listened to the show this morning, you heard a completely unplanned exchange of birthday gifts. For the first time ever I commisioned a piece of artwork for Tim's birthday. I am horrible at keeping a suprise, but have actually managed to not tell Tim for several weeks. Then the artwork started showing up all over the on-lines. In fact if you do a google search for "Shyboy Tim art" it is the very first thing that shows up! My hand was forced! Out of fear of him running across it on-line before I had a chance to give him his gift, I showed him a copy of the finished artwork. Here it is: The artist is Sean Hartter and he is amazing! See why I fell in love with his work at his blog, www.hartter.blogspot.com

And thanks Tim for my birthday gift - Yo La Tengo tickets!!!


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