Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey, long time listeners of KMSU and Shuffle Function! We received word that today is Alex Gaterud's final shift as a DJ on Radio K! Alex is a great guy, and when he was in high school he was both a guest on Shuffle Function and a host on Obligatory High School Time Slot. Alex then went on to become an on air staffer at Radio K, as well as the host of their morning show Rock and Roll Over.

Alex is now graduating from the U of M, no doubt with a minor in Advanced Music Geekery. He'll be putting his big music brain to work at First Avenue, where he'll be an amazing addition to the legendary club's staff.

ANYWAY... Alex's shift is going on RIGHT NOW! Friday, May 18th, from noon to three. Listen at 770am or It will probably be some of the best radio around, so check it out.


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