Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is something I would train for.......

Nothing would motivate me more to run than knowing zombies were hot on my trail and hungry for brains! Apparently I am not alone in thinking this way. Check out this web site for "Run For Your Lives! a 5K Obstacle Course". As the name implies, there are zombies scattered throughout the course that are hell bent on catching you and taking you out of the game. It souns like a blast - in fact I am pretty sure that I have talked about this kind of thing before, so I am glad that somebody somewhere is listening!

Check out their video - the only thing that scares me is the fact that these would be fast moving zombies too!



MPH said...

This comment is actually in re: a post from last September. I've been in search of a recording of "For You Are My Junkie" by Doris Lujan since I lost my copy several years ago. I saw that the song is on an old playlist of yours. If you would be willing to help me track it down, I'd be very indebted to you.

Anonymous said...

It is now available for purchase on Amazon!