Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Wednesday night is my Fantasy Football draft night - and I could use a little help. I realize we are not a sports talk radio show - but I am guessing that there are a few football fanatics in the crowd. Let me know who your dream team is for this football year - if you could have anyone on your team who would it be? Basically I need a great quarterback, a couple of star running backs, and my weak point the last few years - some healthy wide receivers. I can figure out a tight end, kicker and defense. You can email me your suggestions at shufflefunction@hotmail.com or head over to facebook and the Shuffle Function page. You can leave a comment there or here. I appreciate your help - my teams have not been really good the last few years and I could use your help. I am great at coming up with team names, but not so good at picking players who stay healthy. Thanks for your help Radio Heroes!! Shelley

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