Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I would like to share with you my love of Halloween masks. It began as a child, as my sisters and I would take turns each year wearing the one witch mask that our family had. It was always a place of honor. For many years I also had a dinosaur head mask that I would wear every year. If the world were a perfect place and I had unlimited funds at my disposal, I would collect vintage Halloween masks. This year I bought a mask to wear from Archie McPhee, of a horse head. It is a crazy mask and I can't wait to freak out unsuspecting folks around Halloween. Here is what it looks like -

Archie McPhee made some great videos that pretty much sealed the deal for me regarding the creepy

Apparently there are quite a few homemade videos out there of folks in their horse head masks. I can't wait to wear mine! There is a great blog out there that is also participating in the countdown to Halloween posting called Branded In The 80's. They are sharing a different advert of Halloween masks every day - from the grotesque to the vintage classic. You can follow this link to check in with what they've posted so far and to follow them along for the rest of October.  This makes me harken back to the days when my dad was the manager at Osco Drug. On the days that he had to do inventory we would get to spend hours in the store looking through the magazine selection. I always gravitated towards the monsters, Fangoria and Sci Fi mags - and these advertisements take me right back there!

For those of you who didn't want to stay up super late on a school/work night, here is a link to the new talk show about the Walking Dead called Talking Dead. Last night's episode featured Patton Oswalt - one of my favorite geeks! Here is the link to the after after portion of that show. It looks like they will have the actual share that aired soon. Follow the information below the video to watch the video - which is basically scan ahead in the show to the 30 minute mark and the aftershow starts.

Here is a sneek peek at next week's Walking Dead epsiode, Bloodletting:


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