Sunday, October 23, 2011


Halloween is coming up fast, and I want to remind folks about my zombie challenge I issued earlier during my countdown blog posts. I asked that you do something creative with the photograph of Jacob, and because it tis the season, I made him a zombie killer.

here is Jacob, along with the infamous gun

We have had several short stories come in, and a series of paintings as well. The sky is the limit here folks - maybe you want to write a haiku, or some flash fiction, a screenplay or sketch out a graphic story. Any and all entries are welcome. I plan on sharing the entries on the blog next weekend, so get cracking! Scroll on back to my October 10th posting to see how to submit your creative entries, and enjoy the spooky posts along the way.

Today is a good day to have zombies on the brain, Walking Dead is on again tonight! Last weeks season premiere was a nail bitter, and so I can't wait to see what shakes out tonight. If you didn't get to see the premiere, well here you go!

There is however a major dilema for me concerning Sunday night televison. It is zombies vs. bigfoot tonight, and while that means we are all winners, it is like freakin' Sophie's Choice around here!!

At the same time that Walking Dead airs, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot series is airing a special on the Patterson Film. This is the Rosetta Stone of evidence as far as the legend of bigfoot goes, and the footage has caught my fascination ever since I saw it as a child on television.

Now I am not always impressed with what I see on the Finding Bigfoot shows, in fact I rarely am, but they are going back to the actual location of where the Patterson film was shot. They plan on debunking or proving the viability of the original footage, and while I know they will basically end up saying something along the lines of "We just don't know", I can't help but be excited by tonight's subject matter. So choose wisely folks. Maybe switch hit during commercials. That is probably what I will be doing.



Pete said...

AMC usually repeats the episode right after the first airing. Watch the Bigfoot thing (I'll be looking at Boardwalk Empire) and then turn on AMC. On a side note: I was a little dissapointed with the WD season premier. Didn't they establish last season that the Walkers have a very powerful sense of smell? Remember they had to cover themselves in blood and shit to make it out of the city? Then the rain started to wash it off and the Walkers we're immediately on to them. Now, all of the sudden, if you hide under a car you're safe? Disappointing.

Pete said...

Continuing on with my rant: Fox is developing Zombieland into a show. Have Zombies jumped the shark? Sorry to sound like a crab, but this blog seems like the most appropriate place for my Zombified rant. Great blog btw.


Hi Pete - good idea!! I didn't think of that option. I personally think zombies jumped the shark awhile back, but amongst all the hoopla out there, I still find some gems in th rough.

I had the same thoughts you did - and I thought that the two walkers that followed the little girl into the woods were moving pretty darn fast. But for now I willing to suspend my doubts. I hope the rest of the season goes well, and as long as Scott Wilson is in there I will watch it!!