Wednesday, October 05, 2011


 "As you know, they run radio programs different times. The same time it's daytime one place while you may be listening, it's night time some other place they're listening at the same time you are. So if it's daytime you're listening to this program now, well, just listen. But if it's night time you're listening — STOP!, whatever you are doing. Turn out all the lights, because right now, Judson Fountain brings you a brand new radio drama, as only radio can bring it to you."
(The Gorgon's Head)

Today Shyboy Tim and I began a tradition that I hope will be around for a long time - we are playing a Judson Fountain radio drama every day (with a few exceptions) in October as we countdown to Halloween. Judson has been called the "Ed Wood, Jr. of radio drama" by Irwin Chusid in his book Songs In The Key Of Z. He was D.I.Y. long before the do it yourself movement began - writing, acting and executing his  radio drama scripts all on his own. He was somewhere between the ages of 16 and 20 when his records were made - yes! records! If you ever happen across one hold on to it, they are very rare.

His dramas are populated by characters, dialogue, and accents that you will come to know and love over the weeks to come. Another key factor to the magic of his radio dramas was his association with his narrator and Scottish accent expert Sandor Weisbereger. Together they make radio magic, and we are very happy to be sharing them with you this month. Here they are together in the studio at WFMU reliving some of their golden age of radio moments.

We plan on playing Judson's radio dramas sometime between 7 and 7:30 a.m. on Shuffle Function. A couple of years back we offered a special Shuffle Function premium for the Fall KMSU Pledge Drive. Innova Records from the Twin Cities has released two CD collections of Judson Fountain's radio dramas and we offered them along with the Shuffle Function Zombie Survival Kit. We will be following the play list from those CDs, beginning with Dark Dark Dark Tales and Other Dark Tales and then moving along to Completely In The Dark.

Video footage of Judson is as difficult to come by as one of his vinyl records, but here he is briefly on Stairway To Stardom doing his "Old Man Voice" or "Pop Serriano" voice. If you listen to Shuffle Function, you may have heard us mention the fact that Judson Fountain appears to have dropped off the face of the earth. The last time anyone heard from him was 1995 at WFMU. Since then both Sandor Weisberger and his fans have lost contact. We would love to find him - something at the top of our "impossible list". But never say never is my motto, case in point - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy playing in Mankato!

There is a great web site about Judson Fountain here. It doesn't get updated alot, but it has a ton of pictures, dialogue, and discography available. In the mean time, get to know the many voices of Judson Fountain with us every morning at 89.7 on your radio dial.  We suggest you do as Sandor suggests - turn off the lights and get ready to be entertained!


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