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I just posted the play list for Shuffle Function's last week of morning shows,  and it is alot of fun to see all of those Judson Fountain Radio Drammers in there. We have worked our way through one of the CD collections and will start on 'Completely In The Dark' on Monday. Shyboy Tim has also posted about our final Grind-Fu Cinema of the season. I will post it again after this one to be sure that everyone can see it and it doesn't get lost in all the spooky posts.

Today I would like to explore the world of spiritualism. I became fascinated with this practice after reading that great biography of Houdini that I raved about for most of last summer. I have always wanted to read further on this subject, and after watching the BBC documentary I am about to share with you I anticipate another reading frenzy. This is a blending of one part sideshow performance and another part scary ghost story. While many do believe in the practice of contacting spirits, I am of the opinion that it is wishful thinking. I do however love all of the hoopla surrounding it. Maybe this seems like a crude comparison, but to me it is a lot like Pro Wrestling. It is skillfully performed by trained individuals and offers an audience that is willing to momentarily suspend their belief great entertainment.

There are a lot of tricks to this trade, and Houdini was passionate at exposing those who practiced Spiritualism - especially those whom he felt took advantage of vulnerable folks awash in grief over the passing of their loved ones. In fact you can go to the website , punch in Harry Houdini and you can electronically page through many of his books and books from his collection.

I found a great pictorial expose that Life Magazine published in 1941 on this subject. It too, features an investigator exposing the world of mediums. It is fascinating to see how things are done. HERE IS THE LINK TO "SPIRITUALISM A PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR  EXPOSES MEDIUMS' FRAUDS"  I miss Life magazine!! Here they tackle automatic writing, "Indian Rope" trick, and other popular tricks used by mediums.

I also want to share with you this great BBC documentary about the past and present of Spiritualism. Do as Judson Fountain would tell you, and turn off all the lights!! And be completely in the dark!!

part one:

part two:

part three:


part four:

During the morning show Shyboy Tim and I discussed how much we miss a British ghost hunting series that was once on the Travel Channel called Most Haunted. I knew from the very start that none of what they claimed to be real phenomenon was true, and I didn't care! It was brilliant to watch them break out the old parlor tricks in attempts to contact the spirit world, and bar none the best cast member of that show was the medium Derek Acorah.

Every episode we could expect Derek Acorah to turn in an amazing possession scene, and we were never disappointed. He was a joy to watch. There are a number of ghost hunting or paranormal shows on the air right now, which I love, but none of them have ever been as entertaining as Most Haunted. Perhaps it was because they never said they were there to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts - they just believed absolutely everything and attributed any little creak, draft or bump in the night to ghosts. I want to share with you some clips of Derek Acorah in the heat of being possessed. You will love these!

As I pointed out earlier, I never believed anything I saw on this show. I guess that this clip illustrates
that those involved didn't either.


Oh I wish they would bring Most Haunted back. This will have to due for now - a full episode on you tube!!


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