Saturday, October 01, 2011


Happy October 1st Shuffle Functioneers and welcome to what is becoming an annual event for me - a spooky blog post every October day in anticipation of Halloween. Several years back I wasn't "Feeling the Halloween" during the morning show at all, and I neglected to play any Halloween music really until Halloween itself. Tim, being the awesome radio show co-host that he is, wasn't down with that and shamed me back to reality. Following that dereliction of radio duty on my part I have tried to make up for it admirably by sharing some blog posts with you daily that are meant to get you in the Halloween spirit.

But here is the dealio with today's blog post inspiration folks - I have spent all day long hanging out with my two youngest neices, watching them play soccer games, book shopping and ice cream eating. So, needless to say I have been with kids all day and just don't have it in me to scare the bejezus out of you all. Tomorrow I will do better - I swear, but today? We will have a little fun with Halloween.

If you haven't heard us mention it yet on the show, we have announced the official line-up for the final Grind-Fu Cinema of 2011. On October 29th Shyboy Tim and I invite you to join us for two of the scariest movies to ever grace the big screen - The Exorcist and The Shining. These are big hitters kiddos! When it comes to scary, we did not come all the way from Colorado to mess around! So in honor of our Grind-Fu Cinema line-up, enjoy these teaser trailers.

Here is a tribute to our first movie in the Grind-Fu Cinema line up, The Exorcist:

And here is a tribute to the second film on the bill, The Shining:

I will be back tomorrow with more - and I will turn up the scare volume!! Happy countdown to Halloween campers!!


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