Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wow. It is going to be difficult to top this year's final Grind-Fu Cinema. Shyboy Tim and I screened two amazing films (The Exorcist and The Shining), had a great crowd of movie geeks on hand and we all had cake.

I want to introduce you to Amber's fourth creation for Grind-Fu Cinema, Regan. She is entirely edible,  except of course her pajamas. We even had the option of offering you extra vomit to top off your piece of cake (a shout out to Tune Town hero Carl who offered to be my vomit boy). See the vomit in action below!

Regan was a labor of love to our Shuffle Function Cake Decorator Extraordinaire, Amber. She works with me at Hilltop Hy-Vee, but is currently finishing up her degree in North Dakota. For the second year in a row she made the trek back to Mankato to make our Grind-Fu Cinema cake, and Shyboy Tim and I can't begin to thank her enough for her time and efforts!

Amber is pretty shy, but after we got her a disguise, she agreed to let us document the progress of her work. The following pictures illustrate the step by step process - and we had to leave Amber to work her magic before she began applying the color and details, but we also wanted the finished product to be a surprise.

This is Amber in disguise!

Amber works on the teeth.

The cake begins to take shape.

Amber called this the monkey stage. That is her chin rounded out on the bottom, her round chipmunk cheeks and two holes where her eye sockets will be.

The cake gets it's first layer of icing as the real Regan watches. Note the container of vomit in the top left hand corner.
The facial features are added - the flesh colored nose, eyebrows, etc. are made of fondant.

Look at the crazy detail on the eyes!

This is the vomit.

Another feature that this cake had was Regan's spinning head. Watch the video above to see what I mean. After watching The Exorcist, we spent our intermission devouring the cake. When all was said and done there were maybe four pieces of cake left. It is such a treat to ask movie goers if they want to eat an eye or if they would prefer some hair!

Shelley did the cake, and Carl dished out the extra vomit.

We had a fantastic turnout!  

Shyboy Tim will have some more pictures to add of the melee later on, but I wanted to share mine right away this morning. It has been another great season of Grind-Fu Cinema, and this was the perfect way to end it for 2011. Thanks again to Amber for her amazing cake, and thanks to you movie lovers for spending the last Saturday of the month watching films with Shyboy Tim and I. We will see you again for Grind-Fu Cinema in 2012.

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