Thursday, October 13, 2011


We have mentioned this phenomenon on the show before but after recently reading of an incident concerning Black Eyed Kids in North Dakota, I think it is time to bring it up again. That is getting a little too close to home! These creepy children are literally the new kids on the paranormal block. Some researchers claim that sightings go back as long as a decade ago, but occurences of B.E.K.s have increased ten fold over the last few years.

If you have never heard of the term Black Eyed Kids, then let me fill you in. Reports of these incidents always center around kids that range from the very young to teenagers. To summarize the phenomenon, it typically involves a lone adult being approached by one or more kids who ask if they can come into their home or car. Everyone who has reported this experience talk about an instant "fight or flight" feeling. They are incredibly uncomfortable and seem to pick up on a danger vibe eminating from the children. The kids also have eyes that are totally black - which makes them stand out all the more. Often times there are small groups of kids involved - but one of them is responsible for talking with the adults they are attempting to contact. The B.E.K.s are very insistant - they want to get in your house or they want to get in your car. They vocalize their needs in a montone almost robotic voice and their appearance is often described as being "poorly kept" and dirty, as if they'd been living on the streets. The reports seem to end after the adults eventually just close the door and end the stand off. The feeling of doom and danger persists though, and they deecribe peeking out the windows to see if the groups of B.E.K.s are still there.

The incident recently reported in North Dakota follows along the lines I'd mentioned above. This occurred over the summer and involved a man answering his front door to find a discheveld 17 or 18 year old boy standing on his porch. When asked "Can I help you?" the boy answered that he was interested in buying the truck the man was selling. He spoke very slowly and hypnotically. The North Dakota man noticed almost immediately that the boy's eyes were completely black, and soon after he noticed that a girl of the same age was standing in his driveway watching them. The boy's demeanor creeped him put to the extent that he told the boy he was too busy to take a test drive with him. The boy became agitated and continued to ask him to take him for a ride. After several minutes of saying no, he finally ended it by returning into his home and locking the door behind him. He was frightened by the encounter and asked his neighbors if they'd noticed any strange kids around as of late. Nobody had.

There are a number of ideas concerning who these Black Eyed Kids could be - aliens, evil spirits, or cult members are just a few of the ideas. There is a great article on the phenomenon here at the blog Mysterious Universe.< Check it out for more on this subject as well as updates on recent reports. I am fascinated by them and have no idea what they can be - maybe just the start of an awesome new Urban Myth.

I also want to remind folks about your creative writing challenge. Scroll on down he blog for complete information on the project, but I'd like to post the picture once again. Feel free to get those creative juices flowing and write a campfire story, poem, song or haiku about Jacob Hoover, the Zombie Killer.


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Anonymous said...

Hei, I've been reading up on this black eyed children or kids mystery and I've stumbled by mistake upon this blog which tells a rather interesting story.

It relates the black eyed children to none other than vampires, the queen of them actually.

This story is so real, so well written, that it shook my beliefs from the core. It really makes you wonder... what if?

Here's the link if you care to read it, mind you, it's rather big: