Wednesday, December 07, 2011


There are very few people on this planet with a voice the likes of Matt Berry.  I first fell under his spell when Shyboy Tim introduced me to the world of Garth Merenghei, and I will be a fan for life. For the past few days I have been without a satellite signal and relying on the on-lines and my DVD collection for entertainment. That is how I came across AD/BC on Network Awesome. During my Countdown To Halloween daily blogging I linked to Network Awesome a number of times. Believe you me, it is just as good as it's name would imply. So AD/BC has a lot of familiar faces if you are a fan of British Comedy - I will let you pick them out - but Matt Berry is simply amazing in this.

Follow this link to watch the entire show:

It is the Christmas Story told from an angle new to me, and I am guessing new to you too, and it is a musical.  In this Rock Opera there are high notes hit so rocktastically awesome that you may shed a tear. A tear of joy, that is. So I won't dilly dally now, I want to watch part 3 of AD/BC and then I need to start getting ready to run the boards tomorrow morning on the 31st Anniversary of John Lennon's death. There is a lot at stake. I MUST NOT OLD BROWN SHOE IT (i.e. play a Beatles song that John didn't sing)!!



jima said...

It's worth watching just for the spazzy dancing that Richard Ayoade does at the very end.

Jason Forrest said...

Thanks a lot for the support!
We LOVE AD/BC - wish we could run Darkplace every day on repeat... haha