Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I don't get the cult of celebrity trainwreck.  I mean, I get the fascination in watching people self destruct, but celebrating people that live a grandly stupid life makes no sense to me.  The cult of Sid Vicious, after all, is just the glorification of a junkie that couldn't play bass, murdered his girlfriend, and then OD'd, right?  Still... sometimes a person just can't tear their eyes away...

This is an unaired performance from Johnny Thunders.  It was filmed for Swedish television, and it will become apparent almost immediately why it was never aired.  Enjoy?

 Then, of course, there's this "classic" interview with Sid and Nancy. Poor Sid. His friends all say he used to be a lovely guy before the junk.

 And completing the live music trainwreck, here's The Sex Pistols LIVE at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas, Texas, 1978. The band is ragged and electric, but Sid is a remarkable mess. He has carved "gimme a fix" into his chest, and at one point he is headbutted and proceeds to bleed all over himself.


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