Sunday, March 04, 2012

best hardware store and bester weekends

This is where I spent the weekend with my family - in the middle of the woods and with over a foot of snow. In fact it never stopped snowing the whole time I was there - and snow globe snow, if you know what I mean. Perfect for hard core snowshoeing - where I was in snow over my knees. It kicked my ass, and tore up my ankles, but I loved every minute of it. Good food, nowhere to go because the car is stuck in the drive and can be dealt with later, and serious Rock Band 2 workouts with the nieces = AWESOME SAUCE!

The blisters I got from snowshoeing were a blessing in disguise, and why I am sharing my weekend with you all. I had to get some big band aids to cover the bloodbath. That lead to the nearest town's Hardware store, which happened to be one of the best I have ever been to. They claimed to have everything, and I believe them. I saw model kits from Aurora for the Sgt. Pepper Beatles - all of them! They had a wall filled with Precious Moments figurines. There were over ten "Ziggy" statuettes (yes the comic book Ziggy). Alcohol, guns, bullets, porn, clothes, decorations for every holiday, live bait, coffee, groceries, you name it they had it.

This short video sent me back about 30 years!!

Another one of my favorite finds was the "high tech" shelf. I won't tell you what is there, but I will tell you that I am not sure that they make half of the electronic items that use the "high tech" products that they sell. Look for yourselves Luddites -

In the back of the store they had shelves and shelves of old video tapes from when they ha rented movies in the past. I could have bought a lot more titles, but I tried to keep myself under control. But there were three movies I just couldn't pass up. Two are for me, and one is for Shyboy Tim, if he doesn't already have a copy. I'll let you guess which is which.

See you in the morning -


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