Friday, March 09, 2012


The seventh in a series highlighting the seemingly endless pop culture crushes of Shyboy Tim.  In this installment:


My favorite show when I was a kid was WKRP In Cincinnati.  It's almost entirely responsible for me wanting to be on the radio.  'KRP was one of those shows where the entire cast is perfect, and it really captured all the quirks and weirdness of radio culture.  At least that's what I've gathered from reading about it and talking to folks that have been in the industry for years.

There were two main female characters on WKRP:  Bailey Quarters and Jennifer Marlow.  It's sort of like a Beatles/Stones thing.  Bailey was the sweet and bashful character, while Jennifer was the voluptuous sexpot.  I was always a  Bailey fan.

When the show first started, Bailey was VERY shy and quiet, but as the show progressed she gained confidence and really started to make her mark in the radio station day to day.  And she seemed so nice.  And she looked great in glasses.

This Many Loves thing is turning into some kind of self psychoanalysis.  I've had a thing for women like Bailey my entire adult life.  Is this where it started?  Huh.


Here's a bunch of Jan Smithers/Bailey Quarters, one of the many loves of Shyboy Tim.


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Sleeping Turtle said...

it's always been Baily. just like the Maryann vs Ginger thing. Cute, sweet Maryann/Baily vs high-maintenance, brittle, self-absorbed Jennifer/Ginger.

No contest.