Saturday, March 10, 2012


Peter Bergman, member of The Firesign Theatre, passed away on Friday from Leukemia.  He was 72.

Like so many comedians and comedy troupes, The Firesign Theatre came from the world of radio, and their albums always felt more like listening to an old radio broadcast to me.  Their humor was pretty anarchic, and with their leaps in logic and word play they seemed like what The Marx Brothers would be like if they were hippies.

I came across my first Firesign Theatre LP in a box full of records I picked up for twenty bucks at a flea market.  When I dropped the needle on Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers, I was instantly amazed.  Knowing little about the group, I was expecting something more along the lines of the Eddie Murphy albums I was listening to at the time.  This, however, was a full on production with sound effects and acting, and it spoke more to my Monty Python side than any other comedy I had heard up to then.  I don't know if this is the albums folks should start with, but it worked for me.  Shelley has more from these guys than I do, so if you're looking for suggestions, maybe hit her up.

Anyway, the world of comedy has lost an important figure.  Here are some links to some web tributes, as well as some great youtube clips.  If you haven't already discovered The Firesign Theatre, you should give them a shot.  They're a trip.


The Firesign Theatre tribute page
Dangerous Minds pays tribute
Firesign Theatre Radio

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