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Sunday night is the end of season two of The Walking Dead, and I fear that a blood bath is what's in store for us. If you have a look at the cast picture above, we have already lost some key players. It began with the discovery of  Zombie Sophia, daughter of Carol and object of half the seasons many searches. In the first show of season two she fled from the main group as several walkers pursued her into the surrounding woods. Rick was fast on her heels, but as we all know, to no avail. Sophie was already dead and shambling around in Hershel's barn.

Another early, and shocking crucial death was Otis. He was a new addition to the cast, having accidentally shot Carl (back when I actually cared about Carl). Lacking the medical provisions to save Carl, Otis agreed to join Shane on a mission to town in an attempt to find the supplies necessary to save Carl's life. We all knew that Shane was pretty shady, but what he did to Otis was a red flag. Wherever Carl or Lori were concerned, Shane was going to do whatever it took to save them. That meant shooting Otis and leaving him as a snack distraction to make good his escape.

There have been several close shaves since the season started, but a couple of weeks ago we lost the voice of reason and humanity in the group, Dale. Many saw this coming, and even I thought that Dale would end up being Shane's second victim, but I was wrong. Just when I thought that the biggest enemy the group now had was other members and survivors, Dale gets killed by a walker. After he'd spent the day pleading to save the life of an outsider in the end he was the one to die in a mercy killing at the hands of the group (Daryl).

And then in last week's episode, courtesy of Lori who gave Shane the one chance in hell that he needed to think he could get her and Carl back, we saw Rick kill Shane. And then we saw Carl kill Shane again. It was a shocker to say the least. Having read the Walking Dead Compendium Volume One, I knew that Rick's character would survive - in the graphic novels, Shane didn't even make it out of Atlanta. But I just didn't see this kind of confrontation happening - and when Rick screamed out in pain and fear "This isn't who I am!" it chilled me to the bone.

As the end of the "Better Angels" episode showed, Hershel's farm is about to be over run by walkers. In the distance we see hundreds of zombies ambling their way towards the group, having been alerted by the noise of Carl shooting Shane. Tomorrow night is the last episode of season two, and I think the last time that we will see may of the survivors that we have come to know and love (or hate).

Here are my predictions for who won't make it to season three of The Walking Dead.

Even though I am familiar with how the book ended this portion of the story, that doesn't mean anything. The TV series has strayed far away from the original storyline, and so I am simply going with my zombie gut on this one folks. SO BUCKLE UP - THIS IS ABOUT TO GET MESSY.


This is a no brainer. The last three have only been with the show since the group arrived at Hershel's farm and they should have all been wearing Security Red Shirts from Star Trek since day one. I add T-Dog to this list because when I saw him a few weeks ago standing in the background I'd actually forgotten that he was still in the show! I think he has been background fodder all along, and so he will not make it to season three.


At first I felt sorry for her, having lost her sister back in Atlanta. But then she started to flake out with Dale and got gun happy. She shot Daryl for goodness sakes!! But I really lost any respect for her after she told a suicidal Beth (Hershel's daughter) to essentially "Sh*t or get off the pot". Once she finds out that Shane is dead she will flip out, but given that the walkers are fast approaching, it doesn't really matter. I think that Andrea will be swarmed by zombies and will take things into her own hands. An ironic ending to say the least.


I hate to say that Carol is an obvious pick, but after losing Sophia, she is no longer really essential to the story. But it saddens me to add Daryl's name to this list. If it weren't because of his feelings for Carol he would have left the group long ago. Daryl was the redneck hillbilly that worked his way into our hearts, and I am afraid that he will die in the season finale trying to save Carol's life. See! I am already talking about him in the past tense! I hope that I am wrong about this, believe me. But the zombie gut is strong with this one.


Oh boy does it hurt me to say this, because it has been a treat to watch Scott Wilson every week play Hershel, but I am afraid he is the Captain that goes down with the ship. In the preview for the finale he says as much, when he says "I'm not leaving my farm". We know that Hershel has accepted Glenn into the family as Maggie's boyfriend and I think that he will sacrifice himself for them in some way. It may be that Glenn and Maggie escape, Shyboy Tim thinks they will, but in the end I think that Maggie won't be able to leave her father behind and Glenn will stay to protect her. This will be their downfall.


As you can tell, I am pretty much gutting the entire cast. In the end I think it will just be Rick and Carl that make it away from all the walkers into season three. Lori has never been my favorite, and after her "I just want to thank you for all you did for me and Carl" talk with Shane last week I am not sad to see her go. As much as Carl has annoyed me in the last few episodes - popping up where he has no right to be - I think that perhaps she will die trying to protect him. Maybe Rick will be given a Sophie's Choice between the two and Lori will make his decision easier. Maybe when she finds out that Shane is dead we will learn that Lori loved Shane more in the end and doesn't want to be with Rick after all? I don't know how this story arc will end, other than Lori is toast.

In the end I think we will be back where we all started - with Rick. This time he will have his son with him. There will be hints of what is to come - namely the introduction of The Governor - but we may all need the break between seasons to recover from all this death. I could be drastically wrong about my predictions, and in the case of Hershel, Daryl and Glenn I hope that I am, but we won't know until tomorrow night. Let us know what you think Shuffle Functioneers - drop us an email at or leave a note in the comment section.


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