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KMSU is a listener supported radio station, and when you call and make a pledge of support to us, we have a number of  premiums to offer you in return. It is our way of thanking you for stepping up to support community radio and be a Radio Hero. You can pledge any amount that you can manage, be it $5 to $500 or more. KMSU premiums kick in at the $25 dollar level. If you have any questions about the premiums I am about to share with you, please don't hesitate to call us at (507) 389 - 5678 or drop us an email at

$25 pledge KMSU Mug

Show all of the world your KMSU pride with this bright yellow mug at your side!! These are microwave friendly and ready to hold your coffee, tea or beverage of choice. It is a welcome addition to your office desk or kitchen table and can be yours with a $25 pledge of support to KMSU.

$25 pledge The 5th Edition of Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television DVD

Mr. Specific loves supporting KMSU and his video collecting habits by sharing his unique collection every Spring with KMSU listeners.. It consists of random clips that caught his attention over the year. We hope you have been collecting these all along, as this marks the fifth venture into the eye candy world of digital video discs.

$50 pledge Shuffle Function T-shirt (new design)

Three universal truths associated with Shuffle Function are represented in this new RED t-shirt design:

Now that is some math I can understand! Support KMSU and display your affection for a radio show that proudly proclaims "Nobody Plays Fewer Hits". Let us know what size you need and we will set you up. Be the cool kid on your block with this wonderful addition to your wardrobe!

$65 pledge "Rag and a Coaster Combo"

Thrifty Radio Hero - this premium is for you.  You can put ten bucks back into your pocket, support KMSU and get both the new Shuffle Function t-shirt AND the new installment of the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television DVD. Everyone is a winner! And don't forget folks, years from now you can recycle these items as a handy coaster for your beverage and a rag to absorb your messes!

$60 pledge A New "Live at the World Cafe" CD or "Echoes" CD

1. Diego Garcia “You Were Never There”
2. Beirut “Santa Fe”
3. Foster The People “Helena Beat”
4. The Civil Wars “Poison & Wine”
5. Jessica Lea Mayfield “Our Hearts Are Wrong”
6. Ryan Adams “Ashes & Fire”
7. Bell X1 “Velcro”
8. Peter Bjorn And John “Second Chance”
9. My Morning Jacket “Circuital”
10. Bon Iver “Holocene”
11. Warpaint “Undertow”
12. TV On The Radio “Will Do”
13. Dawes “Fire Away”
14. Middle Brother “Million Dollar Bill”
15. The Kills “DNA”
16. Raphael Saadiq “Stone Rollin’”
17. Alison Krauss & Union Station “Paper Airplane”

icking up one of these new CD releases is a great way to add some new music to your collection and help KMSU continue to purchase World Cafe and Echoes. Shows that are not produced in our studios can cost a pretty penny, and this helps us continue to pay the bills and allow us to broadcast these popular shows. Here is what you will get with the new "Live at the World Cafe" release:

$100 pledge KMSU Day Sponsor
With this pledge you can sponsor an entire day of programming on KMSU. This is a unique way to commemorate a significant date like a birthday or anniversary or maybe to mark an upcoming graduation or favorite musician's birthday. This also makes a great gift for the Music Geek in your life! You can choose the music played throughout the day and we will announce your dedications throughout the day. This is a really great way to support community radio.

$100 pledge Shuffle Function Program Director For A Day.

This particular premium offers you the chance to do what Shyboy Tim and I love - BE ON THE RADIO! You choose the morning and you choose the music and then you join us live on the air during the Shuffle Function morning show. The musical destiny of the airwaves is all under your control -  all we do is push the buttons and in my case say "awesome sauce" too much.

When you become a Shuffle Function Program Director For The Day you will also receive:

1) one of our new Shuffle Function "Bacon + Zombies + Vinyl = Shuffle Function"

2) the new 5th edition of the Crypt of Underground Neanthropic Television DVD

3) CD copies of your two hours or radio infamy

4) the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported community radio on your radio dial at 89.7 f.m.

There is a limited number of these available every pledge drive, so if you are interested in joining us you should be sure to pledge as soon as you can!

$100 pledge The Faces Box Set "5 Guys Walk Into A Bar......."

Four out of five stars from Rolling Stone! 

2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees!

This set is one of the best career retrospectives of a band EVER.  No foolin'.  You get 67 remarkable tracks, and 30 of them are previously unreleased.  Beyond that you get nearly everything they ever put out during their career.

"I love' em and doubt seriously if we could have had a Sex Pistols much less a Replacements without them." - Jeff Tweedy, Wilco

"Trust me, we all wanted to be The Faces!" - Slash, Guns and Roses

"They didn't seem to give a toss about anything." - Glen Matlock, Sex Pistols

"Try as I might to have made the 'Mats in their image, we were just too damn angry.  Faces - that's my band. They had fun." - Paul Westerberg

There's a few songs you may know (Stay With Me, Ooh La La), but man... the energy, the passion, the power and humor... THIS IS A GREAT BAND.  Not a clinker in the set.  Get in the car and friggin' drive.  Pick a direction and don't stop until you run out of gas.  I guarantee your car will run out of gas before the band does.

They're like the drunk little brothers of The Stones, and your life will be so much HAPPIER with The Faces in your collection.


507-625-4396 or 800-456-7810
Or you can pledge online at
Don't forget to select KMSU Radio for your donation destination!

We have the biggest goal we've seen since we started Shuffle Function 11 years ago:  $30,000.  That's a HUGE goal for us.  Please give generously.  You're the reason that KMSU has been able to remain on the air for over 50 years, and we'd like to be here for AT LEAST 50 more years.


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