Monday, April 23, 2012


World Book Day 2012 was fantastic.  We gave way Klosterman, Conan Doyle, Eggers, Kirby Groening, O'Brien, Palahniuk, Gorey and Azeraad.  People endured our rigorous sizing up process, and hopefully went away happy.

It was also my birthday, so it was pretty cool to give as well as receive.  My 43rd year will go down as the year of ties and ninja movies, and a guy could do a whole lot worse  than that.  Thanks for all the well wishes, you guys.

Tomorrow is INTERGALACTIC BACON DAY: YEAR ONE!  Stop by the station and get FREE BACON.  We have quite a menu shaping.  As with most things we do, it gets more elaborate the more we talk about it.


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