Thursday, April 05, 2012


Between the movies, books, food, music, and pledge drive pitching, you'll have a hard time deciding just how to spend your free time at the end of April.  That's where this post comes in!  Here's a schedule detailing what's going on between April 21st and April 28th so you can plan your life accordingly.

Saturday, April 21st - RECORD STORE DAY (aka Second Christmas)

The Mankato Record Store Day location is Tune Town.  KMSU will be broadcasting live from outside Tune Town right up to store opening at 9 a.m., at which point it's going to be all fists and elbows, as all the music geeks scramble for their new favorite vinyl and music.

After we get our shopping done, Shelley and I will be playing Shuffle Function Radio Roulette LIVE in the store until noon.  We have no way of knowing how it will turn out, but spinning well loved old Ktel records is a pretty fun way to spend the morning.  Stop in, pick a number, and control the musical destiny of Record Store Day shoppers!

Then... later that same day...

7:00pm - Record Store Day Grind-Fu Double Feature:

We're screening two documentaries FOR FREE on Record Store Day, as a way to wind down a day of celebrating Mom and Pop Record Stores.  First on the bill is JANDEK ON CORWOOD, which is about the mysterious world of Jandek.  Don't worry if you aren't a Jandek fan, because the intrigue surrounding him and his music will draw you in, and at the very least you're become curious about all things Corwood.

Second on the bill is VINYLMANIA, the official documentary of Record Store Day 2012.  VINYLMANIA is a celebration of the geeky world of vinyl collectors, with all their quirks and obsessions laid bare on the big screen.  If you're a vinyl geek, it'll make you glad to know you aren't alone.

Sunday, April 22nd - DAY OF REST

Monday April 23rd - WORLD BOOK DAY!

World Book Day is a young celebration, but it's just as wonderful as Record Store Day.  The idea of World Book Day is simple:  Give a book to someone.  Spread the joy of reading to somebody you know, or maybe to somebody at random.  Turn somebody on to a favorite book.  DO IT.

We'll be giving books to anybody that stops by the station that morning between six and eight a.m.  There's some pretty great stuff in our stack of stuff, so get up early and swing by the KMSU studios!


We didn't have anything special planned for this day, so we were looking for suggestions on what to do to fill it.  Shelley's Mom called up and said "You guys talk about Bacon all the time!  I can't believe you didn't think of Bacon Day already!"  Too true, Shelley's Mom.  Too True.

Folks that swing by the station between six and eight in the morning will get free bacon.  And you guys... give the gift of bacon.  Order a side of bacon and have it sent to a nearby table, or show up at a friend's place with a big stack of bacon and some beer.  Make it a day of bacony goodness!

Wednesday, April 25th - THE PLEDGE DRIVE BEGINS!

The official start of the Spring Pledge Drive is at six a.m. on Wednesday the 25th.  Give early and give often.  We have lots of great swag lined up for you, which we will post closer to the drive, but the biggest gift you'll get (and give to your community) is the continued survival of KMSU, a radio style gem.  Stations like KMSU are a dying breed, and we'd all miss it if 89.7 on the fm dial was dead air.  Be a radio hero and pledge your support!

Thursday, April 26th @ six pm. - THE SHUFFLE FUNCTION 24 HOUR PLEDGE DRIVE A-GO-GO!

Starting at six pm, Thursday the 26th, Shuffle Function will be LIVE ON THE AIR FOR TWENTY FOUR STRAIGHT HOURS!  No naps, no pre-recorded programming, no safety net!  It's live radio for 24 sleep deprived hours, and we play loads of music and do loads of begging.  We wouldn't do this if it wasn't fun, but that doesn't mean it isn't grueling, and the best way to ensure our radio survival is by calling and donating.  It's like a shot in the arm, and it means the world to us.

We have lots of regular features, as well as some new wrinkles planned for you, so stay tuned to this blog for a schedule of events!

Saturday, April 28th @ seven pm:  POST MARATHON GRIND-FU CINEMA!

This is a dream line-up for Grind-Fu.  Three bowling classics in one big evening of cinema.  See episodes of the legendary show Let's Bowl, followed by Kingpin and The Big Lebowski.  PLUS, GRIND-FU IS FREE!  YEAH!  ALL THIS AMAZINGNESS FOR FREE!  Bowling attire not required.

That's the end of April for you!  Visit for further announcements on swag and activities, gang.  It's gonna be a busy week.

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