Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you remember that big board that Jerry Lewis would point to and ask for a new total during his telethons? Well, this is KMSU's lo-fi rendition of the "Big Board" for the Spring 2012 Pledge Drive. After the morning show today Tim and I were able to mark off $1,000 of the $30,000 goal!! It's a fantastic start and we want to thank all of the Radio Heroes who called in, prompting Tim to post a picture of his childhood friend Simon (that's Tim on the left).

The Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go kicks off tomorrow night at 6 p.m. Tim and I have spent the day crossing off items on the final "to-do" list and now we are just sitting back eating onion rings and gathering up all of the Radio Mojo we can find. This will be our tenth year of staying awake live on the radio for 24 hours, and let me tell you folks, it isn't easy. Right now we are each lying to ourselves about how the time will fly, we will be full of energy the entire time, and that everything will be all right. We have to tell ourselves these things or it just gets too overwhelming. But there is one thing that we both know to be true and adds so much comfort to us, and it is that KMSU listeners never let us down. That is what I remember at 4 am in the night and I am exhausted and I realize that I still have 14 hours to go - you will always be there to help.

Let me give you a couple of examples of that. We just got an email from Greg Lessard at Key City Bike who has offered to raise funds for KMSU tomorrow night during a game of the Blue Skunk Bike Polo Club and YOU CAN PARTICIPATE!! Thursday night from 8 to 10 p.m. they will give KMSU one dollar for every car that drives by their practice field on Stoltzman Road and honks (limit of one honk per car). They call it HONK -A- BUCK, and I love it!! This is a great way to contribute even more to KMSU's pledge drive - just turn us onto your radio and take a drive. Be sure to honk when you drive by the ice rink across from West High school where the guys are playing polo on their bikes, and you'll make us a buck. We will remind you about this - trust me!!

Another way that a listener is going to help us out is by offering to donate a piece of art to the cause of community radio. Last year we offered some amazing zombie artwork (donated to KMSU by James Mackey) to use as a premium, and another local artist has stepped up and offered to do the same. We will pass along more information about this when we hash out the fine print, so stay tuned.

It is actions like these that help me get through the rough patches of the 24 hour marathon, and why I say that we can always depend upon our listeners. I love your creativity and your willingness to do anything to help KMSU out.

KEEP LISTENING FOLKS!! We are determined to meet this mammoth goal that Gully has set before us of $30,000, and with your help I know we can do it.


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