Wednesday, May 02, 2012


WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK OF PLEDGING!  Today marks one week since the beginning of the 2012 Spring Pledge Drive, and we've raised more money than we have during any pledge drive in the eleven years we've been up here.  Thanks a ton!

 As of this writing we are about $2200 away from hitting the total drive goal of $30,000, which is so cool and SO humbling.  Please, if you have not yet pledged, call and make a donation to KMSU.  Your generosity helps keep this little station that could on the air, and that is a rare and wonderful thing.

We still have ONE of the exclusive This American Life packages available at the $100 level, so act fast on that one!  Check out the list of swag farther down on the page and then give us a call or pledge online at (please select KMSU Radio as your donation recipient).  Every pledge makes a difference.  You can put it on a credit card, or be billed, or even make payments.  It's just that simple.

Several KMSU hosts are currently collaborating on an EPIC premium that we will offer on Friday.  It'll be for deep pockets, but believe us when we say that it will be worth it.  It ties in nicely with our vinyl only playlist for the week, and it will be a pretty genuine expression of what is wonderful about this station and the shows you hear.


507-389-5678 OR 1-800-456-7810
or pledge online at

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