Sunday, May 13, 2012


Last night's Listener Appreciation Show was pretty damn wonderful.  Thanks to everybody that came out and figured out how to navigate the crazy streets of Mankato.  Because, of course, there aint no party like a KMSU party, cuz a KMSU party has water mains breaking and cops blocking off the street.

As a result, all the bars up and down the street had to shut off the water temporarily, which is why you see outhouses outside Red Sky.  We were kind of freaked the the night would be called on account of water main, but we dodged a bullet.

 Anyway, The Bombay Sweets were epic.  Loads of fun, plus they cut KMSU listeners a deal on their CD (which you should get).  Total blast.

Not to be outdone, Prissy Clerks put on a wall of sound set that made us all hungry for a full album of material.  Also, they upped the anty - nay, they UPPED THE ANNIE - and offered their cassette for even less than The Bombay Sweets!  

The Evening Rig were the perfect end of the night band.  Fun music and great energy.

Stay tuned to KMSU for loads of other cool stuff coming your way, including the 12 Hour Grind-Fu Marathon on May 26th, plus lots of other stuff that will make you really glad to be alive.

Thanks again, KMSU listeners!  You're the best.

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