Friday, May 11, 2012

stuff to see

At last night's This American Life live screening Mike Birbiglia premiered a short film that I think you will enjoy - especially Fresh Air fans. This was a highlight for me - and here it is:

When we talk about having day jobs to support our radio habits, it is not a job like Terry Gross!!

This morning we were also talking about the prolific work of Rob Ager, and his analysis of the end credits of Taxi Driver. This film ends the Grind-Fu Cinema 12 Hour Film Fest on May 26th, and we want to give you the heads up to prepare for it.

Check out his website for more clips like these, at This is a slippery slope folks - look only if you have a lot of free time on your hands!!

Another highlight for me last night was the  section of the show dedicated to Vivian Meier. She was a nanny for a living, and a photographer at heart. But there is a twist - she never shared her photos with anyone, and she would take one to three rolls of pictures a day during her "busy" periods. Her work was discovered by a young man who bought a storage lockr that was full of her possessions, and decades of work. When he began to develop the photos and go through the collection, he uncovered someone who's work is now considered some of the best street photography ever shot.

I love her photos, and Ira shared with us the fact that there is a documentary film in the works as well as a new book. You can check out more on her story and her work at the official website You will be blown away!

Alright - enough for now. See you tomorrow night at the Listener Appreciation Show folks!! For more info check the facebook page here:!/events/414878131865104/


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