Thursday, June 28, 2012


Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be meeting at "The Rock" behind Mankato West High School rather than out at Seppman Mill.

We just found out that we would all need park permits to visit the mill, and we'd rather not have the group get fined!  Apologies for the very short notice.  Please pass this info on to anybody you know that may be attending.

there are no pictures of THE ROCK on the on-lines!!

Thursday, July 5th @ 7:30 pm
At "THE ROCK" behind Mankato West High School

The Album: Where Do You Go From Here

Join us for the second meeting of The Jandek Study Group!  At our last meeting we listened to Ready For The House, Jandek's very first album.  For the second meeting we'll be listening to Where Do You Go From Here, which is a 2011 studio release.  I'm really LOVING this album, and I listened to it several times on my vacation.  It's haunting and jazzy and very very different from Ready For The House, so it should get some good discussion from folks that were at the last meeting. 

Don't sweat it if you didn't make the last meeting.  EVERYBODY is welcome.  Jandek Study Group is very informal, and the word 'Study' is very tongue in cheek.  We just wanna hang out and listen to Jandek.

We have had to change the venue folks - just found out that you need a permit to go to Seppman Mill. We are meeting at THE ROCK behind West High School on the old railroad tracks pathway. There is plenty of parking in the surrounding area - and bring a folding chair if you'd like a comfy place to sit - and grab mosquito repellant!!

There's lots of parking on Winona Street, which is behind Mankato West High School and the YMCA.  If you take The Red Jacket Trail it goes right past THE ROCK if you follow it to Riverfront Drive.  You can't miss The Rock.  It's a big rock.  More than just a clever name.

You can always use the Googles Maps.  It's on an interweb.

See you guys there!


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