Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Darcys put out a track by track cover of Steely Dan's AJA album this year, and it has been in our regular rotation ever since we received it.  Listeners have been enjoying it, so that's what makes this upcoming bit of news so exciting...

On a whim I went to The Darcys' website to find out more about them.  On the main page they had a field where you could enter your e-mail and get a download link to a free album from them.  I wanted to hear other stuff from them anyway, so that was cool.  Anyway, under the download button for that album was a link in small print that said "click here to download AJA".  If you click on this link you can DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE AJA ALBUM FOR FREE!  So you get TWO albums from The Darcys !

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