Thursday, August 16, 2012


Today marks the 35th anniversary of Elvis's death and as you might expect Graceland is the place to be if you are a fan of The King. We are all about Elvis's music on the show today, and tonight we are playing Elvis tribute songs at 6 p.m. If you get a chance today, you should follow the link below and check in on a live camera feed at Graceland. Click on this link and go directly to Graceland. It updates every 60 seconds. Pretty soon the gates are going to open wide and the fans will stream into the grounds of Graceland.

Be sure to get us your requests this morning - call us at 389 - 5678 or 1-800 - 456 - 7810. You can also drop us an email at  If conspiracy theories are your thing, you should check out this past blog entry Shyboy Tim put together a few years back. Follow this link if you have some free time.

Start seeing the Elvis.

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