Monday, September 10, 2012

back from the woods

the start of the trail back to my tent
Having spent most of the last four days in the woods of Minnesota with the BFRO 2012 Minnesota Expedition, I find that I am still trying to re-cooperate. Many of you who tune into the show know that I have been gearing up for this since last February, which has given me ample time to prepare myself both physically and mentally. Boy am I glad that I did.

Dead End Camp - my tent is on the right
There were three things I promised myself I needed to do for this trip:

#1) Do absolutely everything that is offered on the expedition - always volunteer.

#2) Tell myself "Not every noise that I hear in the woods is a bigfoot" continously.

#3) Listen and ask a ton of questions.

With that in mind, I anticipated late nights and early mornings and running myself ragged, and that is just what I did. I think over the three nights I was there I slept all of twelve hours (and that might be stretching it a bit). But when are you ever going to have a chance to do this again?

Dead End Camp was to the right - this is where it got REALLY dark on the night walks

I plan on putting together a radio show to air on Shuffle Function in October that will highlight some of my experiences and share with you what I learned. In fact as I type I am listening to the audio from my last night when I left the recorder running. There is a lot of noises (most of which came from fellow snoring campers!) but coyotes, owls, birds, geese, and more can be clearly heard. It is amazing. When you hear it on the show I will be compiling you have to imagine yourself alone in a tent, in the middle of the woods, and you are looking for bigfoot. I have learned that your imagination can sure get the best of you if you let it.

I will let you know when the show will air - and thanks again to Tim for filling in two days while I was out in the woods living a childhood dream. I am not ashamed to admit that I am hooked. There are some great people doing this kind of research in our state, and their skeptical and scientific approach to this subject is just what I was hoping to find. I also love that it is certainly a great excuse to get out into the woods and get some fresh air and exercise, which never hurt anyone.



Chad Roemer said...

The pics remind me of the trails in River spot to hold a group event!

Have you heard of any Sleestax sightings here in the River Valley?


The original Sleestax was here every summer when the Timberwolves came to town. Bill Laimbeer formerly of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys was a Sleestax on Land Of The Lost. He was an assistant coach for the Timberwolves for two years. I tried to get a station i.d. from him (he was my favorite player!!) but never managed to get one.