Sunday, September 30, 2012


I have always been attracted to the cover art of Jandek's releases. They are diverse in their range of subjects - buildings, nature, furniture, instruments, landscapes just to name a few. But the Representitive of Corwood Industries himself is often pictured, offering us a rare glimpse into his world. I have spent hours looking over the cover art and imagining elaborate back stories for each.

We have been holding Jandek Study Group meetings for months now and have created six radio specials devoted to Jandek's varied discography that have been airing every Friday night in preparation for the show - but we wanted you all to get involved visually with his music as well. After Jandek performs live he often times will release a recording of it, typically titling the albums using the name of the town he played and the night of the show. Four or five years from now a MANKATO SATURDAY Jandek album may be released.
What do you think it will look like?

Grab your camera and start looking a bit closer at the world around you. Shyboy Tim and I know that we have some very creative listeners out there and we want to see what you come up with. We challenge you to take a photo that you feel is perfect for the Mankato Saturday album and send it to us. We will post them on the blog, and three submissions will be chosen as winners. They will win Shuffle Function t-shirts and Jandek CDs. The deadline is Thursday October 18th and the winners will be announced during the morning show on October 19th. One entry per person please, and please note that this is just us having fun with the upcoming performance - by no means will these photos be utilized by Corwood Industries.
Here is a photo I took recently in Mankato. When I saw this couch I immediately thought "Jandek Cover!"
We will be mentioning this a lot on the radio show, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Send your photos and questions to us at . Beginning tomorrow October 1st I will also be posting daily as we count down to Halloween, so be sure to check back daily for that and Mankato Saturday submissions.

Good Luck!


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