Monday, October 15, 2012

15 Days In To October Folks

Time for another Jandek Cover Art Contest submission from Amanda! We are taking submissions until this Thursday night, and then we will choose our three favorite photos and announce the winners on Friday morning's show. They will win a Shuffle Function retro t-shirt and a Jandek CD.

I was thinking of a topic for the day and thought about one of the scariest and best movies I've seen in the last few years, Cabin In The Woods. This is another genius project from Joss Whedon, and if you have yet to see it then I don't want to give away the goods. Rent it, or netflix it, or buy it - you will not be disappointed. There is one scene that I want to bring up though that won't spoil anything for you - and may actually entice you into seeing it if you don't want to take my word for it.
This is a still photo from Cabin In The Woods of what is essentially an office pool. They are betting on what kind of monster will get to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting kids. I LOVE THE IMAGINATION SHOWN HERE! There are your usual suspects - vampires, demons, werewolf, mummy, sexy witches, and zombies. Then things get cranked up a notch with wraiths, clowns, goblins, giant snakes, reptiles and dragon bats. But then things get twisted, in a good way. Sugarplum fairy, dolls, merman, jack o' lantern, redneck torture family, angry molesting tree and doctors. I have two sentimental favorites though - no three sentimental favorites. You can probably guess the first.

Yep - Sasquatch / Wendigo / Yeti is of course one of my favorites. The next one is just straight up funny. They are usually associated with happy things, beautiful things, or songs sung by Mia Farrow.
Is that ringing any bells?

Unicorn. If everything I have written about Cabin In The Woods just flew right over your head, then I implore you to watch it for the unicorn cameo. It is amazing. The last sentimental favorite of mine is a bit of a head scratcher. It is located near the bottom on the far left, and it is just a name. Kevin. Who is Kevin or what is Kevin? This is such a funny addition to the list of monsters - until I looked out among the interwebs at some possible theories on who Kevin is. Just this morning I was talking about Elijah Wood's over the top creepy portrayal of Kevin in Sin City, and it seems that character may very well be the Kevin on the eraser board!!

This would make alot of sense to me. Apparently a scene was filmed with Kevin that was dropped from the finished Cabin In The Woods - so maybe it's an extra on the DVD? So I hope this has inspired you to see the film. I saw it twice in the theater and loved it each time. So before I go I just want to share just one clip from the movie. If you have seen it you will recall this mind blowing scene, and if you have just added it to your cue, well maybe you should skip this.

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