Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Allright! Let's start off this post with a little hint about the amazing premium we will have available tomorrow morning when the KMSU FALL PLEDGE DRIVE STARTS! This hint will give you an idea of what we will have available at the $100 Pledge Level.

Here is what you do - watch this classic video by The Replacements. When you see Paul Westerberg's entire face for the first time (around the 1:39 spot) listen to what he sings. That is your hint! Oh and I guess you could also count the name of the song too - but it is more fun to listen.

I couldn't agree more with a lot of what was said, and I really appreciated being able to see some of the lyrics that he had jotted down. I have always been a fan of Jandek's lyrics, and on Saturday night I heard a number of lines that I really identified with and loved. If you were with us at Jandek's performance, Shyboy Tim and I would love to hear what you thought. Drop us an email if you would at shufflefunction@hotmail.com Thanks!

And now for some Halloween! Listener and Jandek Study Group member Chad sent us a link to a great collection of spooky reads in Wikipedia. In fact it is recommended that you peruse through them in the dark, maybe with a candle to read by and Goblin's Suspiria soundtrack spinning on the turntable. There is a little bit of everything linked off of this page; ghosts, zombies, cryptids, urban legends, and more. One link I followed that I had never heard of  before is the Belmez Faces, where residents claim that ghostly portraits of people appear on the concrete floor.

 This is just one reason why I prefer wood floors! There is a lot to keep you busy here folks.

The KMSU Fall Pledge Drive begins tomorrow Radio Heroes! We hope to hear from you and we can't wait to share with you the great premiums we have available as a "Thank You" for your financial support.

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