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Tonight from 6 to 7 p.m.

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Tonight at 6 p.m. we celebrate Halloween on the night time show with Shuffle Function Radio Roulette. We hand over the play list to the Radio Gods and hope for the best. Sometimes it rocks and other times it makes you want to give up ever touching a K-Tel record again, but you just never know. That is what makes it so scary!

Here is how Shuffle Function Radio Roulette works.

1) We drag in the crates of K-Tel records from the office. Each record has been assigned a number. The collection is now over 400! When we did our first round of roulette, I think we played with only 20 records!

2) WHICH RECORD DO WE PLAY?  We then use the magic hat (pictured above). There are slips of paper inside it that have a number written on them. Each number corresponds to the K-Tel record with that assigned number. Shyboy Tim pulls out a number from the magic hat and that is how the Radio Gods pick the record to play.

3) DO YOU PLAY SIDE A or SIDE B?  Shyboy Tim then picks up a coin to determine which side to play. If it is an American release we use a US quarter. If it is a Canadian release we use a Canadian quarter. If it is an import we use the other coins that we have at our disposal. He then flips the coin. If it is HEADS it is SIDE A. If it is TAILS it is SIDE B.

players note: if it is a Double LP - we flip a coin to determine Record 1 or Record 2. Heads = Record 1 and Tails = Record 2.

4) HOW DO YOU PICK A SONG?  The last step in this process is to determine which song gets played. We have two dice that we use for this step. If there are more than 6 tracks we use a normal die, but if there are more, we use a 10 sided die! (Shout Out to D & D players) So if Shyboy Tim rolls a 7 we play track number 7, or if he rolls a 2 we play track 2.

I then cue up the record and hope it doesn't hurt too much. You will have to tune in tonight to see how things go. Just a heads up though - several years ago we did a round of Shuffle Function Radio Roulette that was excruciating. We thought it bad enough that we tried to tape another show, something we have never done before or since. That sow turned out even worse. It was horrible and we thought about chucking Radio Roulette once and for all. But we thought we'd give the Radio Gods one more chance. We went to the KMSU radio tower and left them offerings of music geek good will in hope of gaining their favor, and it worked. We have done that every year since then - we weren't about to take any chances. And now this year rolls around and.................

Photo by Jon Behm

Jandek. We have been so busy with making everything go off without a hitch that we've had no time to make our annual trek out to the tower to appease the Radio Gods. I am not going to tell you what happens - you will have to tune into 89.7 KMSU tonight to find out, but I'm just giving you a warning okay?!

Cross your fingers Radio Heroes and think music geek thoughts. See you tonight.


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