Sunday, October 21, 2012


As many of you know, we have had a busy few days on our Shuffle Function plate. They have been some of the most amazing, rewarding and special days of my radio life, and I hope you were there last night to experience it. I know that I will never forget it. So I apologize for not getting around to the blog at all yesterday for the Countdown to Halloween posts folks, but I think I had a pretty solid excuse!
Yesterday was the 45th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin bigfoot clip. This is where it all started with me - when I saw their film clip of Bigfoot on In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy. At the BFRO Expedition I attended earlier this month, many of the attendees also sited this film clip as their inspiration for getting hooked on Bigfoot. When Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin happened upon a large female creature in the woods of Bluff Creek and managed to record it with their  Kodak 16 mm Movie Camera, they captured one of the most debated images of film ever made. To this day it is thought to be either the best evidence for existence, or an epic hoax.

This is a great compilation of clips about the film that shows where the debates are centered.

Here are some great clips to click on and spend a few hours of research!

bill munns tv spot

This is a great scientific paper that covers all of the evidence you need!

Here is the film again stabilized and fantastic!

Here is the place where it all started - and your host is Leonard Nimoy!

Enjoy! We will see you this weekend for our final Grind-Fu Cinema event of the season and things are going to get even Squatchier!! We will be showing Bigfoot! and Legend Of Boggy Creek. AND THERE WILL BE CAKE!!

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