Thursday, October 04, 2012

Countdown To Halloween Blog Post # Four

Yesterday morning Shyboy Tim mentioned that The Heights Theater in the Twin Cities was planning on screening the movie Them! next week. If you have never seen it before, Them! is another great mutation brought about by atomic bombs film. Ants mushroom to the size of small buildings and start a blood frenzy attack on society. It's good - you should see it!

This got me thinking today about giant animals in film, and if there was an animal that I wouldn't feel threatened by if it were a couple of stories high. Now I don't want to just launch into a litany of animals here and weigh their pros and cons, lets just say I was curious. The photo at the top of this post is a still from Night Of The Lepus. Rabbits have always seemed pretty harmless to me and came immediately to mind, but after I found a list on Wikipedia entitled "List of Giant - Monster Films" I saw Night Of The Lepus listed and I changed my mind. The bunny rabbits in this film just got mean when they got big.

While scanning the list I mentioned above, I came across a film title I'd never heard of before, called Bambi Meets Godzilla. This is a short animated film made by Marv Newland in 1969. I thought maybe there would be a giant fire breathing Bambi taking on Godzilla while they carelessly step all over Tokyo, but I was wrong. Really wrong. Have a look for yourself.


Recognize the music? The classical music is "Call To The Dairy Cows" by Rossini's William Tell Opera. But the bit at the end - that chord is straight from The Beatles song "A Day In The Life". Stereo or mono you ask? I have no idea but I am proud of you for asking! There is an obvious influence here from Monty Python, which began airing the same year. One has a big foot, the other a big reptilian foot.


Now I am not fond of squashing baby deer, so I thought it best to end the blog on a happier note. Below is a commercial made for Play Station by David Lynch. Yes - The Blue Velvet / Eraserhead / Twin Peaks David Lynch - and the baby deer wins!


All better.

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