Sunday, October 14, 2012


Tonight is the premiere of season three of The Walking Dead and I have got zombie's on the brain. AMC has been running a marathon since yesterday and I have had a chance to catch up a bit on last season and be reminded of how much Laurie bugged me and just how many times Carl sneaks out and gets in trouble. Last year was a great season and I have high hopes for this new one, but I have been avoiding any kind of sneak peeks, articles or trailers and so I don't want to focus too much on The Walking Dead here. Instead let's talk about the place where zombies began, George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead.

This is a great set of clips that will make you nostalgic for Night Of The Living Dead, without a doubt. I wonder if Drive-In Theater is available anywhere on DVD.................

Part One of the Night Of The Living Dead Reunion

Part Two of the Night Of The Living Dead Reunion

Roger Ebert's article in Reader's Digest June 1969, as referenced by Joe Bob Briggs above.

page one

page two

No argument from me Roger - this is a horrifying film. We have screened it several times during our years of Grind-Fu Ciema, and it is always a treat to watch. This film set the foundation that so many films have followed. If you have never seen it before, I want to include the full film here for you to watch.

A few weeks back I came up with an idea while we were on the air of doing a Monologue Slam - which would be similar to poetry and story slams, only participants would be doing monologues from movies. This is actually something that I would like to do sometime when life is a little less hectic for us all (JANDEK IN LESS THAN A WEEK!!!), but I know exactly what monologue I would perform. It is not intended to be funny, but it cracks me up every time. It begins at approximately 27 minutes in with Barbara's candy story and ends with a slap!

But without a doubt the best known quote of the film is spoken by poor Barbara's brother Johnny. While teasing his sister in the cemetery he utters the taunt "They're coming to get you Barbara!". This shows up everywhere from homages to the "inside joke" in Shaun Of The Dead!

Night Of The Living Deadbeats (shot on location!)

Shaun Of The Dead

and the real deal

I expect that we will be talking about the season premiere of Walking Dead on the show tomorrow, so I hope you get a chance to watch it. If you don't you might want to listen with ear muffs!!


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