Saturday, October 27, 2012


Tonight is our final Grind- Fu Cinema of the 2012, and we like to celebrate the season with cake. If the first thought that jumped into your head was a sheet cake scored with red roses on each piece - well you cannot be further from the truth. Here is the proof:
Our first cake intermission occurred during our screening of Herschell Gordon Lewis's Blood Trilogy. We asked Amber (she is the mastermind behind all of our cakes) to make us a disemboweled girl, ala The Feast Of Ishtar in Blood Feast, and this is what she came up with! Everything is edible too.
Our next year was a zombie themed double feature, and we knew it had to be a zombie themed cake to match. Amber came up with this amazing cake, and offered me an opportunity to serve cake brains to the attendees! Worms, detached eyeballs, bone fragments and brains - and again it was all edible!
The year after that, one of the films we screened for Halloween was Se7en, and we put on a bit of a performance with this cake. If you have seen the movie, then you know what our cake was when I simply say these words, "What's in the box?!!"
And then came last year, and our screening of The Exorcist. This again as a no brainer, we knew Amber had to make a cake of Regan's spinning head complete with vomit frosting! Amber nailed it - and this cake was completely over the top!
Carl helped with the vomit!
Tonight's cake is not to be missed people. It is my favorite cake yet, and as you can see that is saying something. Come for the Bigfoot double feature and stay for the cake - and come in costume too! The first movie, Bigfoot starts at 7 p.m. and at intermission we will be serving cake. Following that we will screen The Legend Of Boggy Creek. See you tonight at the Weicking 220 Auditorium. Follow the Grind - Fu Cinema parking signs to the back parking lot

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