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All of my life I have been a reader  in fact I can never think of a time where I wasn't reading a book. Every summer I would join the local library book club and drive my Mother crazy asking to go to the library to check out more books. Actually, I could easily rename this post to "The Ways I Drove My Mother Crazy"! As a child growing up in the 1970's one of the greatest joys of my school week revolved around the arrival of the Scholastic Books order catalog. I would spend hours paging through it, knowing I could only get one book. It was always a difficult decision - I would circle possible candidates in crayon and eventually make so many marks on it that the book cover was barely visible. By the end of the week I was so excited to place my order that I would simply blurt out a book title off the top of my head and pray I'd made the right choice. I can't ever remember being disappointed!

Looking back now I wish that I had kept those tattered and well perused Scholastic Book Club flyers. That would be an enjoyable trip down memory lane! As I have tried to tell each and every one of you out there in radio land, I am a twin. When I mentioned that I was able to order a book every week, that also meant my sister was doing the same. At that time my Dad was a manager with Osco Drug and my Mom was a stay at home mother. I never felt like money was tight when growing up, but I also knew that buying a book every week was a luxury. I'd like to think that investment paid off - my sisters and I are all avid readers and my nieces I am glad to say have also caught the same reading bug. But when there was something a little spendier in the Book Club flyer that I just had to have I would convince my twin sister Stacy to go in with me and pick the same thing. That is how I received some of my earliest records, and they were both Halloween oriented.


I am pretty sure that I still have the album above, with the battered picture sleeve. This was a prized possession and over the years it spent hours and hours spinning on my record player. It is appropriate in this case that all you see on the video while the story unfolds is the art work for the story. I would stare at this endlessly as I played Georgie from start to finish and picked the needle up an placed at the beginning again. I always thought Georgie looked kind of like a long sleeved baggy work shirt!

The narration was performed by Bob McFadden, pictured above. With the wonder of the on-lines and the internets, when I look him up on Wikipedia it says that he did quite a bit of work with Rod McCuen, but that he was also the voice of Franken Berry cereal, Snarf in Thundercats and Cool McCool and Milton The Monster! He also made this 45 record that I will be immediately looking for on ebay -

If you have a copy of one of these just lying around doing nothing, I can promise you I'd give it a good home!! The second record that I had in my Scholastic Book Cub collection was Mother Ghost Nursery Rhymes and Other Tricks & Treats, pictured below.

This 45 record also enjoyed some serious playing time on my record player. On this you tube clip you can watch the record play away on the player just like I did all those years ago.


I have to thank my parents for giving us a turntable and the gift of reading. It has certainly shaped the person that I am today. I still have my Mom's box of 45 records that we took turns picking and choosing and playing over and over. These two Scholastic Book Club records sat inside that green 45 record case alongside her collection for many many years.

This is an on-line photo I came across while looking for the turntable I had as a kid. I found one at a thrift store once, but gave it away to a friend. Now I think I have to look for another!
I will see you again tomorrow Shuffle Functioneers!


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