Friday, October 05, 2012

HALLOWEEN BLOGPOST #5 (none of us get out of here alive!)

Good Morning Shuffle Fuctioneers,

     I may get a little stream of conscious with this post folks. I am writing it during the morning show and we have mentioned a number of things that I'd like to include here. Let's start with Halloween first. I hope when I say the words "Mr. Show" you know what it is that I am talking about. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross where the masterminds behind this sketch comedy hit. Folks like Tenacious D, Brian Posehn, Paul F Tompkins, Jay Johnston, John Ennis, and many more graced the stage of Mr Show. It is brilliant and I command you to watch all four seasons at once! BUT FIRST, let me share a clip with you from Mr. Show called "Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction?"

Like I said - go watch every season, or re-watch them if you are already hip to the Mr. Show. We have had our first submission to the Jandek Cover Art Contest. We want you to get creative and come up with the perfect CD cover art for Mankato Saturday. There are prizes! You can find out the details by following this link. We will be posting each photo that we receive, here is the first one from Tom of Tom and Chantill fame:

Send us your entries - we will be declaring our three favorites during the morning show on October 19th - good luck!!

On a totally unrelated topic, I came across this post about Jean Shepherd on the Splitsider blog. The name might not ring any bells, but he is the man behind "A Christmas Story" and a legendary radio man to boot. Because this article highlights his career so well, I won't go into great detail. But he is definitely worth checking out Radio Heroes! Follow this link to read more.

Tonight is Jandek Study Group Overnight at midnight on KMSU. For one hour we will be looking into Jandek's A Capella albums. We also feature an interview will Bill Schute on tonights show. Tune in for some compelling spoken word music from Jandek. While you listen, maybe you want to buy your Jandek tickets if you haven't already. Follow this link to buy yours!

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