Monday, October 01, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin! Halloween Blogpost #1

Several years back as some of you might recall I lost that Halloween Lovin' Feelin'. I was uninspired and bored and I really let all of you, our listeners, down. I told myself that I could never allow that to happen again. I love Halloween! I love being scared and creeped out! And so I decided to join the on-line blogging community effort to daily post Halloween related content as a countdown to our favorite holiday. You can look back to October posts of the past to see what has been covered so far, but I try to not repeat myself within the next 31 days.

(and they are both Squatchtastic!!)

The first film is legendary in the bigfoot cinema world, Charles B. Pierce's The Legend of Boggy Creek. Made in 1972 and based on actual events that occurred around the Arkansas town of Fouke, this docudrama is credited for influencing more recent films like The Blair Witch Project. Many of the people who appear on screen are not actors, but appear as themselves. This genuine sense of realism was enough to scare the crap out of me when I first saw it - because it features that famous frightening tagline of "based on a true story".

This film did quite well in the box-office and was a regular drive-in feature for many years, but I've never had on opportunity to see it on the big screen before and I cannot wait! As I have shared with you previously, my introduction to Bigfoot was through the TV show In Search Of, hosted by Leonard Nimoy. It was here that I first saw the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film captured in the woods of Bluff Creek. The Legend Of Boggy Creek shares that documentary feel of that pivotal TV episode, and adds to the creepiness factor for me.

Here is the original trailer for the film: 


The second film of the night also features my favorite radio discussion topic as of late, bigfoot. It was made in 1970 and is simply called Bigfoot. This has one of the best taglines, which reads "It breeds with anything....." This is a true product of the 60's and 70's B Movie world - combining bikers, chics , hillbillies and monsters together in one film. There is one "star" added to the line-up, John Carridine, and it is a treat to watch his over the top acting. This was no B Movie to him!

Here is the trailer for Bigfoot (note the awesome use of logs for a font at the end - I want a t-shirt of that!):


Hands down one of my favorite parts of this film is the knock down drag out fight between a bear and Bigfoot. I believe it is over a girl, so it makes it all the more confusing! If you are a fan of the epic battle between Bela Lugosi and the Octopus in Ed Wood's film Bride Of The Monster

or of the epic shark versus zombie battle in Fulci's film Zombie

then you will not want to miss this Bigfoot/Bear Battle Royale!!

This months Grind - Fu Cinema is October 27th at the Wiecking 220 Auditorium, and these two classic Bigfoot films are free of charge (as always).

It is the last Grind - Fu event of the season, and I can promise you that there will be cake at intermission!

Feel free to come in costume!

Films start at 7 p.m. and stay tuned to Shuffle Function for more information!

I'm the new boy in town, where can I go?!


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