Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Photographs can be deceiving....

Yep. That is a picture of me buying a Grateful Dead album from Carl at Tune Town on Black Friday's Record Store Day. Steve Guse snapped the photo because, like me, we all thought the world would end when Carl swiped my credit card - the ground would tremble, a big hole in the ground would open up and swallow us all whole! Obviously, that didn't happen, but I feel I owe all of you an explanation for my vinyl purchase. 

The picture above was taken a long time ago. How can I tell? It predates my co-hosts beard! Needless to say, Shyboy Tim and I are willing to do most anything for KMSU at pledge drive time - especially during the  Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. Last Spring during our marathon, Station Manager Jim "Gully" Gullickson took a phone call from listener and Grateful Dead fan Stu. He wanted to pledge, but his pledge came with a caveat: Stu would happily donate to KMSU if I would agree to play the Grateful Dead on Shuffle Function. 
Jim "Gully" Gullickson - Dead Head and KMSU Station Manage
The Spring Pledge Drive this year had a goal of raising $30,000 which is the biggest challenge Tim and I have ever had to face since joining the KMSU family. Now Jim Gully Gullickson is nobody's fool - every pledge we would get us one step closer to meeting that goal. Without hesitation he told Stu "YES" and then they settled on a suitable amount. Full disclosure here, Gully is a long-time Dead Head, and so he figured that it would not be a big deal and he thought I would play the Grateful Dead for a mere $300. Stu found that figure to be acceptable and that was that. Keep in mind that Tim and I were oblivious to what was going down - and so I imagine that once things were settled the conversation then turned to hacky sacks, patchouli and their favorite Winterland Jams.

Long time Shuffle Function listeners know that Tim and I are not overly fond of The Grateful Dead. To be honest with you, I am not even sure if I am spelling the band name correctly! Is it Grateful or Greatful? I don't know, and even though a simple Google search would answer that question, I just don't need to know. I think that Grateful looks better so that is what I am going with. It is an unwritten rule on our show that we will never play The Dead (there - that is an easy way to do it!). Program Directors For The Day have done it, and we had that April Fool's Day show where the guys from 33 and 1/3 raided the studios and forced us at record needle point to play them, but that is about it when it comes to seeing their name on our playlists.  

KMSU Pledge Drive signage
Gully dropped the bomb on us sometime near the end of the Shuffle Function 24 Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go. I know that I was initially heart broken at the notion of having my Radio Soul sold for a mere $300, but once Tim and I met Stu all of those hard feelings disappeared. Stu is a really nice guy - and he is a Music Geek like us. We met with Stu a few times and tried to designate a day when he could join us during the morning show. He is a busy guy and we have not been able to settle on a date as of yet - UNTIL BLACK FRIDAY RECORD STORE DAY!!.

The album above was an exclusive Record Store Day release, and so I was not surprised to see Stu walk in the doors of Tune Town while I was down there last Friday. He grabbed the Dead off the wall and then pointed at the last copy and said these words (which will live in infamy), "IF YOU BUY THAT RECORD AND PLAY IT ON THE SHOW THEN WE WILL BE SQUARE". So that is just what I did. Scroll up to the top of this post if you need reminding. Long story short, we will be playing this album for our Christmas Show Thursday, December 20th at 6 p.m.  Tim referred to it as our Christmas Miracle show! We are still going to try and get Stu into the studios so that he can share his amazing Grateful Dead story with all of you, so stay tuned for information about that. I hope this helps clear any confusion you may have had if you saw Guse's picture of Carl and I. After we play the record I plan on passing the album along to a good home, so clear a space on your record shelf Gully!! Last but not least I want to thank Stu for supporting KMSU. I think I am saying this right, Stu: "What a long strange trip it's been"!!


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